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It is either n-butane


methyl propane (i.e. 'iso-butane' )

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Q: What represents C4H10?
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What gas represents the chemical formula C4H10?


What is the molecular formula of C4H10?


What is C4H10 metals?

C4h10 non metals

Which hydrocarbon is saturated C2H2 C3H4 C4H6 C4H10?


What is the standard thermodynamic value of liquid butane C4H10?

C4H10(g) is about -126 kJ/mol C4H10(l) is about -147 kJ/mol

What is the complete combustion reaction for butane C4H10?

C4h10 + 6.5o2 -> 4co2 + 5h2o

How many molecules are there in 11.7 grams of C4H10?

1 mole C4H10 = 58.1222g = 6.022 x 1023 molecules 11.7g C4H10 x 6.022 x 1023 molecules/58.1222g = 1.21 x 1023 molecules C4H10

What is the structural formula of pentanal?

Butane-C4H10 C4H10 - H C4H9 - ? C4H9 + CHO C4H9CHO

What is the formula for butane?

It is C4H10

How many carbon atoms are in 3.50g of butane?

(3.5 g C4H10) (1 mol C4H10/58.12 g C4H10) (4 mol C/1 mol C4H10) (6.022 * 1023 C atoms/1 mol C) = 1.45 * 1023

What is the coefficient on CO2 in the equation c4h10 O2 CO2 H2O?

C4H10 + O2 ------CO2 t H2O?

How many carbon atoms are in 1.00grams of butane?

Butane is C4H10. So; 100 grams C4H10 (1mol C4H10/58.12g)(4mol C/1mol C4H10 )(6.022 X 10^23/1mol C) = 4.14 X 10^24 atoms of Carbon.

Is C4H10 an empirical formula or a molecular formula?

It is a molecular formula.This is because the formula C4H10 is not in its lowest ratio, which is C2H5

What is C4H10 in chemical formula?


What is the chemical formula for butane?

It is C4H10.

What is the cemical formula for butane?


Molecular formula for c4h10?


Is butane a hydrocarbon?

Of course. C4H10.

Chemical formula for c4h10?


Is C4H10 alkene?

No, it's an alkane.

What is the empirical formula for C4H10?

C2h5 (:

What is butane as a chemical formula?

It is C4H10

Is c4h10 a molecule?

Butanes are organic molecules of the formula of C4H10. Butane has a molecular weight of 58.12 grams per mole.

Calculate the mass of water produced when 1.02 g of butane reacts with excess oxygen?

1.02g C4H10 /58.12 g/mol C4H10= .0175 mol C4H10 .0175 mol C4H10 * 10 mol H2O / 2 mol C4H10 = .0877 mol H2O .0877 mol H2O * 18.02 g H2O = 1.58 g H20 Final Answer: 1.58 g H2O

c4h10 o2 co2 h2o balance?

The balanced equation is 2 C4H10 + 13 O2 -> 8 CO2 + 10 H2O.

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