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i want to be a pro boxer all my life, im 15 i would love to show you how i box and show you im for it

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Who fought for the world heavyweight boxing title in his first pro fight?

pete rademacher fought Floyd Patterson for the title in his pro debut.

What weight gloves are used in pro boxing in ounces?

pro boxing gloves weigh in at 8 to 10 ounces

When did Muhammad ali had his first boxing mach?

his first pro fight was in 1960, shortly after the rome olympics. his first amateur fight was probably 8 years earlier when he was 10.

How long is a simi pro boxing round?

"Semi pro" boxing is a reference from the old days but...really their isn't such a thing.

Do you need a degree in pro boxing?


When did joe frazier start boxing?

He had his first pro fight in august '65 in philly, against woody goss, who was put away in one round.

How you become pro in boxing?

Win a lot.

Is there an age limit to turning pro in boxing?


What do you get if you get pro in wii boxing?

Better gloves.

How old you have to be to turn pro in boxing?


What is the legal age to pro boxing?


How much does Shannon Briggs earn per pro boxing fight?

shannon Briggs salaryHe earns about $4,000,000 per championship fight- normal fights he would earna few hundred thousand

Who had the fewest fights before becoming a world boxing champion?

veeraphol sahaprom won the wba bantamweight title in only his forth pro fight in1995

When did Joe Frazier start his boxing career?

he had his first pro fight in august '65 in philly, against woody goss, who was put away in one round.

What pro basketball player did boxing?

Raja bell

When did Manny Pacquiao start boxing?

He started boxing at the age of 14 and turned pro at the age of 16.

How do you set up first pro boxing match?

Just find some plug to fight, make up some tickets on your computer, sell them around your neighborhood. Fight the plug in your backyard. Hopefully win. Repeat until you are the champion.

How long is the Rest between rounds in pro boxing?

one minute

What is the record for most pro boxing fights before a defeat?


How long was Muhammad Ali's boxing career?

He started boxing at the age of 12 in 1954. As a Pro, he started in 1960 and finished in 1981.

What requirements are there to be a pro athlete?

you have to be good at the sport....

What are the requirements for a pro skateboarder?

kick boxer

How many fights did Muhammad Ali lose in his pro boxing career?


How many deaths has there been in pro boxing?

over 1000 since the late1800s

How do you become a pro at boxing in wii sports?

score over 1,000 ponits

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