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You can find money for college through a variety of resources. The key is to spend the time investigating all the options available. You can apply for student loans, student scholarships, and grants. Plus, most schools have a financial aid program. Also check with your employer if you work full time and want to go to graduate school. Some employers will help pay for part of your Business school tuition for example.What is the difference between student loans, scholarships, etc.? Student loans are loans that need to be repaid. There are two basic types of student loans which include those that are subsidized and those that are unsubsidized. Subsidized loans are the kind where the federal government will take care of the interest on your loan. Unsubsidized loans are those that make you pay the interest when you take out the loan.Scholarship and grants, on the other hand, are great because you don't have to repay this money. Scholarship and grants come in so many different manners. You can earn an academic scholarship, athletic scholarship, a grant in your field of study, a grant from a local organization or club, etc.. The list is virtually endless. There are many scholarship and grant search services on the internet to help you out.

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Q: What resources can you use to help pay for college?
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