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a cosigner is a person who is responsible for the rest of the rent that you don't pay if u get evicted the person who signed as a cosigner will have to go to court

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Q: What responsibility does a cosigner on an apartment lease have?
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What are the obligations of a cosigner on an apartment lease?

A co-signer shares financial responsibility for the rental. Unpaid rent, damage to the apartment after moving and so on will fall on your shoulders if the renter does not do as he/she should.

If someone cosigned a lease to your apartment can they take their name off the lease even if you have been paying the payments?

No. Once a cosigner has signed the contract the only way they can be removed from the responsibility is a new agreement being made without the assistance of the original cosigner.

If a new lease is signed on an apartment after a year is the original cosigner responsible for the new lease?

Not unless he or she signed the new lease.

How long should a cosigner stay on the lease if they cosign for an apartment?

I cosigned for my daughter five years ago on and apartment. Mu daughter is self employed. Her boyfriend has now moved in and wants to take responsibility for the rent. Land lord will not take me off the lease. What can I do?

Can you replace a cosigner for an apartment with another cosigner?

Yes, you can replace a cosigner for an apartment with another cosigner. However, you need to get the consent of the landlord.

Accepted for apartment based on having a cosigner Now cosigner will not sign lease Can you get your deposit back?

Hell yeah the only thing non refundable is application fee & administration fee.

How much is security deposit for an apartment?

Depending on the lease or the apartment Depending on the lease or the apartment Depending on the lease or the apartment

Can a cosigner on a lease evict a tenant?


What are the legal responsibilities of a cosigner on a lease agreement?

The legal responsibilities of a cosigner on a lease agreement are the same as the tenant without the benefit of tenancy.

Does your cosigner have to be present when signing the lease?


Is a cosigner of an auto lease obligated to pay the lease?

Yes. That's the idea.

Do you have to have any credit to cosign for an apartment lease?

Yes, that is the premise of having a cosigner. The person cosigning must have a reliable, acceptable level of income and a good credit history.

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