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There are many restricted items to those looking to have baggage on a Delta Airlines flight. Some of these restrictions are no alcohol, dry or wet ice and no lithium batteries.

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Delta's Baggage Allowances are listed at the realted link.

The baggage restrictions when flying on Hawaii Airlines is that a bag has to be within 62 linear inches and weigh no more than 50 pounds. If one exceeds this limit they have to pay an excess weight fee.

Yes, Delta Airlines offers free curbside baggage checkins at the Phoenix Sky-Harbor International Airport located in the heart of the U.S. State of Arizona.

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The direct phone number for Delta Airlines Baggage Claim office at LAX is 310-417-7271. They are open from 5 AM to 1 AM daily. Also try 310-417-7270 . Delta Customer Service gave that one as an alternate.This information is accurate as of June 25, 2013.

There many different types of jobs that one could apply for with Delta Airlines. Several of the types of jobs would be: flight attendant, baggage handler, mechanic, ticket agent and many more.

No, Delta Airlines is in the Skyteam alliance. United Airlines is in Star Alliance.

Delta Airlines is one airline which recently merged with Northwest Airlines.

Delta airlines has its headquarters in Atlanta, GA.

Yes, blankets are provided on Delta Airlines.

No Delta does not own Vietnam airlines.

According to Delta Airlines' website, one bag is checked free for flights to Aruba if the ticket purchase date occurred before June 1, 2011.Specifically, a baggage fee of $27 is assessed on a second bag for tickets purchased online. A baggage fee of $30 is assessed on a second bag for tickets purchased at the airport. Additional fees are applied if the size and weight of the checked bags exceeds restrictions.

Yes fruit maybe carried on and eaten on Delta. The usual agricultural restrictions would be in force if trying to import the fruit into another country.

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How much alcohol is allow in checked baggage in emirates airlines

There is no Northwestern Airlines, they were bought out by Delta. There are no "average pay rates" for Delta Airlines, as now it is all based on one way, return flight, and how much baggage will be carried. A one way flight might be more expensive for someone planning to check in more than one bag.

Delta Airlines is headquartered in Atlanta Georgia.

The president of Delta Airlines is Mr. Edward Bastian.

FedEx and UPS both offer baggage shipping services. Several airlines offer a sort of baggage shipping service through the company BagsVIP, that allows customers to bypass luggage checks and have their bags delivered to the location of their choice. These airlines include United, Delta, US Airways, JetBlue, Southwest, Alaska Airlines, AirTran, and Virgin Atlantic. Some other baggage shipping services are LugLess, Luggage Forward, Luggage Free, and ZoomLuggage.

Delta Airlines 1030 Delta Blvd Atlanta, GA 30320

The TSA specifies which items are allowed and not allowed on airplane. Please see the related link below for a list of prohibited items.Delta Airlines Carry-On BaggageThe following additional conditions apply to the acceptance of carry-on baggage.1. Subject to Space AvailabilityAcceptance of carry-on baggage is subject to space availability on the aircraft at the time the passengerboards. If adequate space is not available, Delta may require that the baggage be checked.2. Stowage During FlightAll carry-on baggage must be retained in the passenger's custody and stored under a seat or in anoverhead compartment approved for the carriage of such baggage.3. Size and Weight Limits for Carry-On BaggageCarry-on baggage may not exceed a maximum outside linear dimension of 45 inches or a maximum weight of 40 lbs.4. Responsibility for Carry-On BaggageCarry-on baggage which remains in the custody of the passenger is the sole responsibility of the passenger.Delta will not accept claims for lost, forgotten, or stolen carry-on baggage unless such baggage is tendered to Delta's in-flight personnel for storage during flight or otherwise delivered into the custody of Delta. Storage in overhead bins or under a seat shall not be construed as delivery into Delta's custody.

Delta Airlines currently has 21 Baggage Handler/Ramp Operator positions, 1 General Manager for Flight Operations, and 34 careers in their Information and Technology department as well as many other jobs advertises on their internal website message board.

Yes, lipstick may be taken on Delta airlines.

Almost all of the airlines offer pet travel though their guidelines and restrictions may vary. These include but are not limited to: Southwest Airlines,, Delta, United Airlines, Midwest Airlines and Atlantic Air. When you select the airline you wish to use go to their direct website and search for "pet guidelines and restrictions". They will list what you need to do in order to travel with your pet.

You cannot download Delta Airlines skins for all the aircraft. You have to download Delta Airlines skins for each aircraft individually. To find the skin for the aircraft you want, type "Flight Simulator X Delta Airlines", and the aircraft you want the skin for. Example: "Flight Simulator X Delta Airlines 737" or "Flight Simulator X Delta Airlines 747"