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What revolution took place during the Neolithic age?


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The farming revolution took place during the Neolithic Age.


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The Agricultural Revolution began during the Neolithic. People began growing crops and domesticated sheep, goats, cattle, and pigs.

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The Neolithic Revolution was a gradual revolution that led to the discovery of agricultural techniques and as a result boundaries, rules, and eventually a settled life style.The Agrarian Revolution emerged out of the Neolithic Revolution and is marked by using agricultural techniques to produce food to survive. I believe it ended only when the Industrial Revolution took its place.

The Industrial Revolution and the Agricultural Revolution.

The neolithic revolution began when people discovered agriculture. Because of agriculture people could now farm instead of hunting and gathering.

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The Neolithic Era took place at about 8000 BC- 3000 BC.

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The Neolithic Revolution refers to the major change that took place between the Paleolithic and Neolithic age. Humans transitioned from hunting and gathering to a lifestyle of agriculture. The other two major changes were the domestication of animals and the domestication of plants.

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