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Ex-Boy Friends

Bowling Pins

Double Chins

Losses And Wins



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It isstretching it a bit, but you can try Kalamazoo! Blacks to the left of me, Mexicans to the right, Here I am, stuck in the middle of Kalamazoo.

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The Mexicans came from.......Mexico.

Mexicans mostly get... Taco kits.

In general the KKK hate black Mexicans, some KKK members are okay with white Mexicans. So overall the KKK do hate Mexicans.

Mexico is part of America. Therefore Mexicans have been in America since they were Mexicans.

Mexicans there was such a big advantage Mexicans had 1281 soldiers Texans had 281 soldiers

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Yes, when term properly used.

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Gee, you love Mexicans, don't you? Some Mexicans are among the best people in the world -- some are not.

Mexicans and Americans fought in the battle of Puebla

the answer is no, black people and Mexicans have diffirent origins... black people are Africans Mexicans are Latino or hispanic so the answer is no blacks and Mexicans are not the same.

Of course Mexicans caused it. Mexicans are dirty, and nasty so because of all their "grease" or oil from them being dirty that is what caused it. So thank all the mexicans for all the animals that died. Stupid Mexicans.

Mexicans where still there but there was little of that race there

Every single right that you have! Mexicans are awesome! I love them!

Mexicans typically hate blacks.

Yes, scientists believe that Mexicans descended from Asians.

That would be highly unlikely as Mexicans are Americans.

Jewish Mexicans do Yom Kippur.

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