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Some words that rhyme with "compassion" are: fashion, passion You can also use an online rhyming dictionary:
Fashion, Passion and Ration.

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What rhymes with fashion?

Passion, ashen, compassion, ration, and the surname Cashen. PashionSmashin' crashin'nothing rhymes with fashoin because it is not a word, but fashion is a word and you may want to try asking for if a word rhymes with that instead

What rhymes with passion?

fashion compassion ration dashin' lashin' splashin' smashin' crashin'dash'n lash'n fashionfashion,ration

Is it compassion for or compassion to?

The correct phrasing is compassion for.

Can you give me a sentence with the word 'Compassion'?

Compassion is no substitute for justice.

Compassion and an example of compassion?

compassion is kindness and mercy also sympathy

What is a sentence for the word compassion?

(compassion - sympathy or pity for someone's suffering)His compassion led him to adopt a neglected dog from the shelter.The captain showed no compassion for the drowning passsengers.Examples of COMPASSIONHe felt compassion for the lost child.She shows compassion to the sick.She had the compassion to offer help when it was needed most.

Compassion in a sentence?

compassion in a sentence

Is compassion evil?

No, compassion is good.

Symbol of compassion?

A feather is a symbol of compassion. Certain crosses are also symbols of compassion. A Lily is said to represent compassion as well.

What is an idea of compassion?

Is to love or feel compassion for

What is 'compassion' when translated from English to Italian?

"Compassion" in English means compassione in Italian.

How do you say Compassion in Scots Gaelic?

co-fhaireachdainn (compassion, empathy)carthannas (charity, compassion)

What is the Latin word for compassion?

Latin for compassion is misericordia

What is a sentence using compassion?

He showed compassion for the injured.

How do you put the word compassion into a sentence?

She was full of compassion.

Does peacock show compassion?

Yes peacocks who compassion.

What is a sentence with the word compassion?

He has no compassion for the poor or the sick.

What is the Aramaic word for compassion?

compassion = רחמותא (rachmuta)

What is the Amharic word for compassion?

The are several terms in Amharic which can relate back to compassion. Azaneta directly means compassion and azan is a person who shows compassion for someone else.

Who is the patron saint of compassion?

There is no particular saint of compassion since all of them showed compassion in one form or another.

Sentences for the word compassion?

my compassion for the helpless dog was heartbreaking.

How do you use compassion in a sentence?

That's a display of extreme compassion.

What is the Tagalog word for compassion?

Tagalog translation of compassion: pagkaawa

What is the Hawaiian word for compassion?

compassion = "aloha" or "aloha menene"

What is the word compassion in French?

compassion is writtent the same in French.

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