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Bend, chinned, finned, fend, lend, mend, rend, sinned, skinned, tinned, wind.

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What rhymes with sinned?

Finned Grinned Skinned

What rhymes with skinned?

Grinned, pinned, sinned, thinned, wind, chagrined, downwind, rescind,

Is 'Grinned' a verb?

Yes, grinned is a verb. It's the past tense of the verb "grin".

What is the present perfect tense of grin?

I/You/We/They have grinned. He/She/It has grinned.

How many syllables are in grinned?

The word grinned has one syllable.

How do you put grinned into a sentence?

I grinned at the person telling the joke.

How do you make grinned in a sentence?

The boy grinned at his mother because he had an idea.

Is grinned an adverb?

No; grinned is a verb. An adverb "modifies" a verb, and it usually ends in -ly.

How do you use grinned in a sentence?

Example sentence - The little boy grinned at the puppy and began petting it softly.

What is the synonym of grin?


Is grinned a synonym?


What if this guy and I just grinned and now I do not know if he realized he did grin and how do you know if he did?

Since you saw him grin when you did I am sure he knows he grinned at you.

What is another word for SMILED?


Who grinned in Lord of the Flies?


What rhymes with whirlwind?

There is no one word that rhymes with whirlwind. However, individual words that rhyme with each syllable can be combined and used:whirl - burl, curl, earl, girl, hurl, pearl, squirrel, swirl, and twirl.wind - finned, ginned, grinned, pinned, sinned, skinned, and thinned.Example: squirrel grinned or girl sinnedIt isn't a perfect rhyme but it is probably more useful to rhyme whirlwind with girl friend than any other choices.

Is there nail polish grinned into opal?


How is sausages made?

it is made of pork and faty grinned

What is a conglomerate rock made from?

Grinned up cement

What is the past tense of grin?

It's just grinned...

What is another word for laugh loudly?

laughed grinned

What does grinned mean?

A grin is when you smile widely and bare your teeth.

What is a grinned stone?

that stuff shrek was talkin about go research it!

What did Buckwheat always say before he grinned?


Double consonant words ending in ed?

clipped clipped grinned begged

What is a sentence using sheepishly?

When I opened the door, the young fellow grinned sheepishly.