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bees, knees, trees, cheese, sneeze, tease, flees, sees, ease, frees, freeze, keys, pees, please, seize, wheeze

rhymes with seas.

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What rhymes with catastrophes?

Bees Seas Knees Fees ...

What rhymes with qualities?

Bees, seas, seize, trees, keys e.t.c

What rhymes with weez?

Fees, please, keys, bees, sneeze, seas, breeze....

Something in nature that rhymes with stream leaves trees or breeze?

seas, leas...

What rhymes with overseas?


What rhymes with peas?

Please, teas, tees, freeze, fees, knees, trees, bees, seas, cheese.

What rhymes with thousand?

Almond, diamond, England, island, secondThe above words are close rhymes but not perfect rhymes with the word thousand.Hausennoun: valuable source of caviar and isinglass; found in Black and Caspian seasfrom:

What rhymes with keys?


What rhymes with he's?

the bees-knees she's; sees; seas; knees; bees; fees, keys, knees; peas; tees

What rhymes with bumble bees?

Depends how 'serious' you want the rhymes to be. Humble knees Fumble teas Jumble seas Rumble peas Tumble fleas Cheese Freeze Keys Ease Please Crumble

What rhymes with discoveries?

Fleas, trees, bees, knees, keys, seas, pees. Anything with a -ees sounding ending pretty much.

What are the names of royal Caribbean ships?

Adventure of the Seas; Allure of the Seas; Brilliance of the Seas; Enchantment of the Seas; Explorer of the Seas; Freedom of the Seas; Grandeur of the Seas; Independence of the Seas; Jewel of the Seas; Legend of the Seas; Liberty of the Seas; Majesty of the Seas; Mariner of the Seas; Monarch of the Seas; Navigator of the Seas; Oasis of the Seas; Radiance of the Seas; Rhapsody of the Seas; Serenade of the Seas; Splendor of the Seas; Vision of the Seas; Voyager of the Seas; and Symphony of the Seas are the names of Royal Caribbean ships.

Is there 5 seas?

no there are 113 seas (if you include the landlocked seas, 110 if you do not.

What seas are there on Mars?

There are no seas on Mars.

What are the high-seas?

Oceans and seas, waters outside of national jurisdiction are also referred to as the High Seas or Mare liberum.

How many seas in world?

There are 113 seas (if you include the landlocked seas, 110 if you do not).

Are all seas totally surrounded by land?

Not all seas are completely surround by land. There are three major types of seas which are hypersaline lakes, nearly enclosed seas and partly enclosed seas.

Homophone for seas?

the homophone for seas is SEIZE

What is the main seas around England?


How old is Edinburgh Of The Seas?

It is not of the seas, it are of the land.

Is it true that there are 7 seas?

no there are about 12 seas

What are the names of Neptune's seas?

Neptune has no seas.

What seas are in austria?

There are no seas in or bordering Austria.

How many seas are there and the names?

There are seven seas.

What seas are around Syria?

some seas are...