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The law says the lender cant keep your PP so they have to get it out to return it to you. If the lender sold your repoed car with your PP in it it, that would be "conversion" of your property. My car wasn't sold and I did get it back but I don't understand what right they had going through my car and trunk the very first day and leaving my registration and insurance card thrown on the floor. When I asked them about it, they said they were looking for weapons or drugs. Isn't it bad enough that they took my car at 11:50 pm and charged me $35.00 for an entire day of storage on top of the $350.00 repo fee? I feel that this was a violation of my privacy. In most states they are REQUIRED to go through your car, inventory and remove the personal property, and store it in a secure place. Not until your 10 days have past to "redeem" your car if you are in one of those states. In some states, that right to redeem is a "right to cure" period of 20 days BEFORE it is repossessed.

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Q: What right do repo agents have to go through someone's car?
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