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I am so sorry to hear about this situation. If you are the minor then you can go to "Child Welfare" and tell them just how you feel. They will take over from there. The courts often decide what is best for the child. If you have good reason not to like your birth guardian (parent) because they are abusive either mentally or physically, then by all means seek out help from "Child Welfare." However, you have been through a lot recently, and perhaps you are just frightened because you don't know this guardian as well. Try giving it a chance and if you don't like living with this person, then you can still go to "Child Welfare." Good luck God Bless Marcy

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โˆ™ 2005-10-21 20:40:55
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Q: What right does a 15-year-old have if his parents are divorced and something happens to the parent and does the child have to live with his other birth guardian?
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