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What rights did women have in society before Hitler came to power?

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In 1918-19 German women got the vote at all levels, having previously only been allowed to vote in some local elections in a few of the German states. Since 1900-08 they had been able to study at university on the same basis as men. Since 1919 a wide range of professions was open to women, in principle. However, it was often very difficult for women to get appointed to the more prestigious jobs. Attitudes were more traditional than, for example, in Britain. The main desirable occupations open to women included: teaching, nursing and some posts in publishing and journalism. A very small number of women succeeded in establishing themselves as physicians.

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Q: What rights did women have in society before Hitler came to power?
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What government was in power before Hitler became leader?

von Hindenburg was in power but when he died Hitler came into power

Did Hitler expand women's rights?

Yes. Today the world uses the same Women rights that Hitler has created. Germany had the most equal genders when Hitler was in power. He also made rights for Workers, Animals, and the environment.

What is social power?

The strength of rights and privileges in society

How many Jews were alive in Europe before Hitler came to power?

2 Jews where in germany before hitler

What did Hitler do before coming into power?

house painter

What was the name of Germany before Hitler came to power?


How did adolf Hitler get his power during the Holocaust?

he just retained the power that he had before the Holocaust.

What was Germany like before Hitler took power in 1933?

Before Hitler came into power it was governed by the Weimar Republic, this was the first demorcratic government in Germany however it didnt last long because Hitler then became Chancellor in 1933.

Did Hitler practice a totalitarian government?

Hitler did practice a totalitarian form of government. A totalitarian state is when the state holds the power over the society.

Who was the US President when Hitler was in power?

Franklin Roosevelt was the US when Hitler was in power. Roosevelt died 18 days before Hitler and Harry Truman was President those last 18 days.

What was life like before Hitler killed the Jews?

Well, it depends. For a while, all of the Jewish people had their rights stripped away for a few years before they started being murdered. (Well, a few years before they started to be exterminated). But before Hitler started his power campaign, life for the Jews was the same as everyone else's. Happy or sad.

In what ways did Hitler and Tojo exert their power over events and their people before and after the war?

Hitler had rallied people

When world war ended was Hitler still in power?

Hitler died before the end of World War 2.

What type of government was Germany before Hitler rose to power?

A democracy

What did Hitler promise Germany before he took to power?

You all smell

Why did people put Hitler in charge?

Because Hitler was Germans last hope, before hitler came to power, german fell into a depression aka the great depression and once hitler comes into power, he helped germans to be a better coountry

What did Hitler do with the power?

Hitler was planning to establish a super race of Aarans but was stopped by the Allies before he got far with that plan.

Who had power in Germany before Hitler became president?

Paul von Hindenburg

What was the name of the German government before Hitler came to power?

the weimar republic

What methods did Hitler use to stay in power?

Hitler used several methods to stay in power including fear, propaganda, and pride. Much of the country, especially the military, where quickly drawn into the false hope of a Utopian society.

When did Hitler gain power?

Hitler gained power in 1933.

Who had power when Adolf Hitler was in charge?

Adolf Hitler had the power.

Is it true After World War 2 the German economy was doing really well allowing Hitler to come power?

No, that's absolutely false. Hitler was in power before and during WWII, but not after.

What were the Jews allowed to do before Hitler came to power?

Everything other races could.

What was going on in Europe before Hitler came to power?

There were giants labs of bacon roaming the country which chased everyone out hitler then ate them all