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Since you are the legal guardian she has to go to court to get them back. What happens there depends on the situation.

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Q: What rights do legal guardian have when a birth mother is trying to take back their child after four years?
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What rights does an adopted parent have over the birth mother?

The birth mother have no rights to the child at all, even if the adoption is reversed. The adoptive parents have all rights to the child, they have legal custody and are the official parent/guardian of that child.

How can your wife get to be a responsible party for your son who is fifteen and does not have contact with his birth mother?

She could adopt him or she could be appointed a guardian. But that would require that the mother give up her rights to him. Or the law determines that she has abandoned him and allows it.

Does a mother have any rights if she has not signed the birth certificate?

Yes she does. She is the birth mother.

What rights does a birth mother have to contact an adopted child?

In the United States the rights of a birth mother to contact an adopted child are determined by state law. If an adoption agency handled the adoption, then the birth mother has no rights until the child is of legal age. After that, the adoption agency will usually help the birth mother find the adopted child.

What custodial rights does an illegal immigrant mother have to a child out of wedlock with a US Citizen?

Immigrant status play no part when it comes to parental rights so she has the same rights as every US single mother which means she has full custody and is the legal guardian of the child since birth. The father have to prove paternity by DNA and can then petition for shared custody, visitation and pay child support.

Is grandma legal guardian if no father on birth certificate and mother is deceased?

yes because they are a grown up

If the mother of an unborn child is a minor does the father have any rights if her mother is trying to keep all rights away from the father who is not a minor?

Google "dad's rights" "father's rights" etc. There are lots of organization with info to help you on this. You will have to legally petition for parental rights, and YOU MUST petition to be on the birth certificate within 24 HOURS of the birth. Now, if you are 21 and the mother-to-be- is 14 then leave her alone and let her parents handle it. If you are a drug dealer or violent criminal, likewise leave her alone and clean up your life. If you are a nice guy and your girlfriend is 18 then go for it - dad's have rights, but you have to go get them sometimes or the court assumes you don't want them.

How do you you give birth to a guardian character?

you have to wish really really hard to give birth to a guardian character.if your a girl,you will have a guardian character egg like if your a chicken.and if your a boy,you will have a guardian character egg developing in your will also gain the aility to see anyone else's guardian character and hear know if you really really and truly have one coming or near you,you could sense or hear them trying to talk to you.

What are the rights of an unmarried father to the child?

As long as the mans name is on the birth certificate, they have the same exact rights as a man who is married to their child's mother. If your name is not on the birth certificate, you have no rights to the child at all.

What rights do you have if the mother does not want you on birth cert?

None even if you were on it. see links

Can you live with your dad who lives in a different state but not on your birth certificet?

Your guardian decides where you live until you are 18yo. Atm I'm guessing that is your mother. If your father wants custody of you he would have to petition the court for your custody unless your mother gives her consent. They then have to go to court and modify the custody agreement. The birth certificate is irrelevant but if you father have not been to court to prove paternity by a DNA test he does not have parental rights. He would need to do that first. Custody, visitation and child support are parental rights.

If the father has established paternity but is not on the birth certificate does he have rights?

No, not unless you and the mother were married. You will need to go to family court and GET your rights.

How does stepmother with POA sign over deployed father's parental rights back to birth mother?

Custody, not parental rights.

A mother left her one month old child with the child's great-grandmother is the greatgrandmother the legal guardian after 3 years and the greatgrandmother's grandson is not on the birth certificate?

As the mother has deserted the child the greatgrandmother is the legal guardian as no one else is there to look after the one month old.

If your father is not on birth certificate and your mother is dead then can you live with your boyfriend?

No, a minor (under 18) with no living parents would be taken into the foster system by the state if no guardian was named in the mother's will.

What should the father do Mother wants to give up her rights as mother but fathers name is not on the birth certificate?

answer is simple. GET A LAWYER

Can a non-paternity father have rights?

Yes, If he was married to your birth mother before you were born.

What if a mother gave birth to my baby and will not let me have him what can I do and what are my legal rights?

see related link

When a mother dies intestate and her only child was adopted at birth are there any inheritance rights?


Does a father have parental rights if he signs the birth certificate but not the certificate of parentage?

If married to the mother? Yes. If not married, no rights either way.

What rights does a father have at child berth?

He has the right to sign the birth certificate. Apart from that he has no right at the birth. The mother is the patient and she decides what goes.

If one of the parent is not in the birth certificate can mother take child out of the state?

Fathers with parental rights are not always listed on the birth certificate.

What rights does the father have if he does not sign the birth certificate and is not married to the mother?

if the father has not signed he has no rights to the child unless he take you to court and gets a DNA test done. until that happens the father has no rights what so ever but if he has signed the father would have the same rights as the mother

What rights does a father have to his unborn child in Oregon?

If the parents are married both of them have equal rights to the child after the child is born. Before the birth of the child the father is not always given the same rights as he would have after the birth. For example, if the mother chooses to terminate the pregnancy things can get extremely complicated. If the parents are unmarried, the law presumes the mother to have sole custodial rights to the child before and after birth. The father must first establish paternity and then petition the court for custodial or visitation rights to the child.

What rights does a biological father have to a child when he abandoned the mother while she was pregnant and he does not live in the same country as the mother and child?

he has all the rights if you put his name on the birth certificate but if not then he doesn't have any rights unless he takes you to court has a paternity and then the courts make you put his name on the birth certificate and then you need to ask for child support