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What rights do parents have regarding their 15-year-old pregnant daughter?


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Parental rights such as custody of the minor, obligation of support and so forth remain the same as if the minor child were not pregnant. Parental rights do not extend to forcing the young lady to have an abortion, place the child for adoption, sign over her rights to the child. Minors who are pregnant or have a child retain all the legal rights to said child as does an adult female unless a court rules otherwise. If the parents of the pregnant minor do not want the responsiblility of supporting her through her pregnancy or her and the child when it is born, they may petition the court to have her emancipated to allow her to be eligible for public assistance and placement in a foster or group home. If the parents choose to support the minor and her child they can apply for public assistance on her behalf.


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Only the pregnant female can legally make decisions regarding the baby. She and the father are the ones deciding what will happen after birth. You have the right to support her as before. The father and your daughter will have to pay for their child. So basically nothing has changed for you regarding your rights.

No. You are only emancipated regarding your health when pregnant.

Yes because they are the parents, it's their responsibility. If you mean regarding her baby, no.

No. Pregnancy only gives you more rights regarding your child, not regarding you.

Look you are gonna have to tell them that your are pregnant they will understand they possibly cant ignore their daughter being pregnant no matter how mad they are.

There are no specific laws that relate to that. The parents are resonsible for their daughter until she reaches the age of 18.

No. There is no judge who would do that. At 14 you are not done with school and can not get a job or a place to live. You need your parents to support you and if emancipated they are no longer responsible for you and you are completely on your own. 14 is too young for that. When pregnant and after you decide things regarding your baby but your parents still decide regarding you.

Not regarding the fetus, that is up to you to decide. Before and after birth. They can however decide what will happen to you and send you to a home for pregnant teens if they choose to.

Yes, they are still responsible for their daughter. Once she reaches the age of 18 she is free to go where she wishes.

Yes they can. Pregnancy does not mean you are emancipated. She only have more rights regarding her baby but not regarding herself. She is still a minor.

the mother would be in shock that their gonna have a grand baby already!!

The parents will continue be responsible for their daughter and for her child.

The son or daughter of a parents sibling is you cousin.

Only with parental consent. Her parents still have to support her.

The parents are in trouble as well they cant change the law regarding age of consent.

If you mean regarding your child they have no rights. Regarding you, you are still a minor and same rules as before apply. They still have to support you. You and the father of the child have to support your child. Pregnancy does not emancipate you.

The pregnancy changes nothing regarding your status as a minor but if the parents give you permission you can move out.

In my opinion just the daughter first because your parents will be shocked at first and he is not in the family yet. There might be screaming and tears and he would just be asked to leave. Or break it to your mom first together.

Here both the parents must ralise that at these hard times you should support your 15 year old daughter, just kicking her out of the house will not solve any problem for her or for you.

Your daughter can get married after the parents die......but during the time when the daughter is still in her parents house she can not.

No and even if she was under 18 the choice would legally still be hers to make.

Only with parental permission. Pregnancy only get you medical emancipation regarding you and your child.

Same as before. The pregnancy doesn't change anything regarding your rights apart when it comes to your child. Him/her you are allowed to decide over like your parents decide over you.

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