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What rights do you have if your 16-year-old daughter is pregnant by a 25-year-old man in Georgia?


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File a complaint with the prosecuting attorney's office.

The AOC for the state of Georgia is 16 by statutory law.

However, protection from prosecution of statutory rape when it concerns an adult and a minor who is the age of consent has been declared unconstitutional in almost every instance.

Because of the general attitude of the citizens of Georgia concerning all the AOC laws, it is almost a given that the 25-year-old male would be charged and prosecuted for several felony and misdemeanor crimes against an underage person.

In addition, he is responsible under civil law for child support and other obligations once paternity is established.

If the male adult does not want to acknowledge paternity of the child the court can order him to be tested against his will.


that all may be true but would you really wanna get you future grandchilds father in that kind of trouble? if your child and him are together maybe she wouldn't like your actions and you wouln't see your grandchild because of the problems you started. if they love each other and the deed is already done then you should have maybe thought about watching your daughters actions closer before she got pregnant!

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