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Oregon is not a community property state. The husband is not an heir of his wife's father. The husband has no rights in or to to the real estate.

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Q: What rights does a husband have to real estate and all other property in Oregon left solely to his wife by her father in an unwitnessed holographic will?
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Is a holographic will legal in Oregon?

No it is not.

Does Brad Pitt own property in Oregon?


Is Oregon a community property or individual state?

Individual state

Can the police arrest you for being intoxicated on your own property in Oregon?


what are property taxes?

Property Taxes are taxes paid on property owned. In the state of Oregon Property taxes pay for schools and many other public services. The tax is based on an apraised value of the property. Oregon has a high property tax rate but are still one of the few states without a sales tax.

Is it illegal to spread human ashes in Oregon?

No, it is not illegal to spread human ashes in Oregon. A property owner could sue you if you do not ask permission to spread the human ashes on their property though.

Why did Amelia Stewart knight go to Oregon?

It was because of her husband's failing health

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Is the surviving spouse responsible for the medical bills of a deceased spouse in Oregon?

Being in Oregon doesn't change the answer. The assumption is that the wife inherits at least half, if not all, of the husband's assets. But the estate has to liquidate all assets before they can transfer them to the spouse. One way or another, the spouse ends up paying the debt. The spouse has some right in all real property owned by the husband. If the assets are not enough to cover the debt, the real property may have a lien placed against it to cover those debts.

Who can help with placing an out-of-state property lien in the state of Oregon?

I'm certain that you can find an Oregon attorney who will be happy to fulfill this function for you . . . for a fee.

Can a minor own property in Oregon?

A minor cannot legally own property. Property can be held in trust for the minor until they reach the age of majority, usually 18.

Where do you file an Oregon judicial foreclosure case?

You file it in the Circuit Court of the County where the property is.

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