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If not married he has to prove paternity in court to get his parental rights. He can then petition for custody, visitation and pay child support. If married to the mother they have equal rights to the child.

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Amy Childs's birth name is Amy Andrea Childs.

Gilbert Childs's birth name is Gilbert Jefferies Childs.

If your birth father allowed your step father to adopt you, you do not have rights to your birth father's estate where I am sitting; however, 10 feet behind me you do. See a lawyer.

Martin Childs's birth name is Martin David William Childs.

It isn't the birth father, no one will ever change the childs birth father, but he will legally be the step father,until the divorce comes through.

Go to vital records and request a copy of birth records. Ask to see Childs school file with birth record in it. If you are not on the birth certificate, you cannot request a copy.

none even if he did He must have rights as a father. The CHILD have the right to his father.

Of course, this is the case if the bio father dies before the birth of the child. The only father at the time of birth is the biological father. You cannot adopt a baby before birth - so the adoptive father signing a birth certificate, at birth, is probably not binding. And the bio father, if he is aware he is a father, must sign adoption papers. The biological father has rights under most circumstances (barring criminal activities and such) if he is aware that he has a child at all.

He has no rights or legally anything to do with you.

If and when paternity is established, the father might have the rights to pay support and visit the child.

if the father has not signed he has no rights to the child unless he take you to court and gets a DNA test done. until that happens the father has no rights what so ever but if he has signed the father would have the same rights as the mother

A father has no inherent rights to an unborn child. Those rights are only conferred after the birth of the child and only after legal paternity is established as outlined by state laws in New York.

Only if the birth father's parental rights are terminated (legally)If the birth father disappears, you may be able to have his rights terminated due to abandonment, but there's no guarantee that this will be granted.

He would have all of the rights that a biological father has. If he was not the biological father, then his name should not have been put on the birth certificate in the first place, unless he adopted her and the birth certificate was changed.

No, single father have no assumed rights by default until otherwise designated by court order. see link

The biological father does have parental rights but he have to petition the court for visitation rights and custody.

He has no rights to that child. The only way he could is if he filed for dna.

He would have to go to court to establish rights.

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