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What rights does your partner have on your savings?

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In most countries you have rights on your partners money only if you are married or have signed some sort of legal bond

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It depends on the legal status of the relationship and the legislation where you live.

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Do you have rights to your parent or does her gay partner?

Both you and your parent's partner have rights to her.

Can married partner buy property without rights for the partner in Florida?

nope soz

What are the basic rights of a business partner?


Does next of kin have rights over estate over unmarried partner?

In a case of no will, the next of kin has priority. Unless there is a will, the unmarried partner will not have any rights.

How do you get your partner put on the deeds?

Rights of survivorship is the only way I know of. It worked for my dad and his partner in the 80's.

Would Ex spouse have rights over common law partner?

Yes, after breaking up with a common-law partner there are very little rights, unless there is children involved.A bit more:That depends on what sort of rights you mean, as well as in what state they reside. An ex spouse would have no rights over a common law partner, except in the case of children the ex spouse had with the common law partner. Other than that, there are no rights the ex spouse would have over the common law partner.If you were married and are now divorced, and your ex spouse is now living with a common law partner, you have no rights over that common law partner (excluding their children).More detail would make it much easier to provide a more accurate answer, which you can post in the discussion section of the Q&A.

Can you get your gun rights back with a partner family member assault?


What are the rights of an unmarried partner to the ownership of a house in Ireland when they do not have their name on the Deed nor contribute to the mortgage?

No rights.

Does my ex partner have rights to see his son after failing to comply with our arrangement?

Yes. If he is the child's father he has rights.

Rights of live in partner to men assets in the Philippines?

live in partners

What do you mean by civil partner?

A civil partner is a partner in a civil union or in a civil partnership. Such partners typically have the same rights and responsibilities as legal spouses, but there relationship is not legally called a marriage.

What rights do you have as a domestic partner with children from another relationship?

If the domestic partner is not the mother or father of the children, then they really wouldn't have rights to the children. It would be similar if a room mate lived in the same house as the kids. The fact that the partner has a sexual relationship with the child's parent is irrelevant. In short, if the relationship ends, don't count on getting any custody or visitation rights whatsoever.

What is the law wheno ne partner files operating agreement without input from other?

What happens when partner 1 sells his 50% interesst in LLC to Partner #2. There is a partner number #3 who is now joining with partner #1. Partner #1 filed a operating agreement with the state showing 100% ownership and managing member without Partner #3 knowledge or consent. Partner number #3 still is on the note at bank for 50% of note or line of credit. Partner number #1 loaned partner#3 some money during this process without having an agreement, (non recourse). Partner number #3 wants to continue in the business and continue relationship but does noy know the rules and cant communicate with partner #1. Also, Partner number #1 loaned money and put in a savings account to pay bils owed on the company for income taxes. The account was set up as a savings account with partner #3 holding assets. Partner #3 withdrew some of the money into personal account to pay some of the bills of the former company and the bank took the money out of personal account and put back into savings account noting it was to be used for the taxes but this was not a escrow account. It was discussed and understood. Now Partner #3 has bad checks out and cant cover them and they were sent back. Please respond this is the question in detal.

What does cultural survival mean?

To empower indigenous peoples , and to partner with them to advocate for their human rights

What are the parental rights for gay partners in Alabama?

gay partners in Alabama have no rights as a couple, but may have some rights as a parent if they legally adopted their children or if the children are biological to one partner.

What rights does a cohabiting partner of years have after the partner dies without a will?

Answer: When a person dies without a will and has a long term partner to whom he is not married, the partner is not an heir. Unmarried life partners MUST have good quality wills drafted to protect each other's interests in their possessions.

Does a woman has legal rights to the properties acquired by his long-time live-in partner?


What is the rights of conjugal partner?

cook and sex....... some use it to get together with thier other half

What legal rights does a significant other have especially when the other partner is ill and can't make decisions regarding health issues?

Unless the unmarried partner holds a Power Of Attorney or an adult guardianship for his or her partner they have no legal authority to make financial decisions or health care decisions for that individual. If you want to have automatic legal rights you need to get legally married.

What are the conjugal rights of a live-in partner?

If the state requires a married partner, than simply having a live-in partner will not be enough to allow conjugal rights. Unless you can prove that the live-in partner has been together long enough to qualify as a common-law marriage partner (typically 5 to 7 years living together before common law kicks in) As the specifics are different from state to state and sometimes county to county, you may be better off asking local law enforcement or prison staff.

If a person has been together with another person for over 35 years what rights do they have?

You may have legal rights if you live in state that recognizes common law marriage. If not, you have no legal rights over your partner, their property or their estate.

What is the property rights after cohabitation ends?

my partner and i have lived together for 11 years, we have a 10 year old child. The property is in my sole name. what are her rights as regards the property?

If you pay child support and had to put money into your business out of your savings does it change the rights?

It won't change your child support obligation.

It is normal to expect partner nation government representatives or military personnel to have different attitudes toward violations of fundamental human rights such as degrading treatment?

That depends upon who your partner nations are. Some nations respect human rights and some don't. Your expectations should be adjusted accordingly.

Can a partner be expelled if so how what are the rights and liabilities of an expelled partner?

Yes. A partner can be expelled (called dissocation under the Uniform Partnership Act or Uniform Limited Partnership Act) for (1) doing something unlawful or against the best interests of the partnership; or (2) a violation of the partnership agreement. The partner continues to be liable for his or her acts or omissions that occured before dissociation, or for proximately-occuring consequences thereafter, and may have rights to a distribution of a partnership share at winding up of the partnership.