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What river is Revel stoke BC Canada on?


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Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada, is located on the great Columbia river.

This river has many huge dams that send vast amounts of power south, down to the states. As a result these and other progressions, there are gigantic sections of river that have become large and named as lakes and bays, such as The Arrow lakes or Shelter Bay.

Salmon and other fish do use the many water systems in these areas and through out the interior of BC.

The river is large, fast, very cold deep and deadly. Experienced water users only! The dams make the river very unpredictable. Water levels can change drastically in minutes or less!

In the early spring before the snows melt and and run into the riverbeds, one can walk to the shallows safely and see old stumps and remnants of homes, farms and other civilized areas.