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What name was given to the fight between proslavery and antislavery forces following the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act

Which states seceded after Lincoln asked them for troops

Why did southern states progress more slowly than the northern states

I was a publisher whose abolitionist views were radical even in the North. I believed in civil disobedience and many abolitionists disagreed with my views about equality for women. Who am I

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Q: What river played an important part of the underground railroad?
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The role Ohio played for the underground railroad?

The Ohio River was a major transit point.

Where did Harriet Tubman lead the slaves on the underground railroad?

She led them to the Ohio River So they could get to Detroit, And later Canada

Who started the underground railroad?

Harriet Tubman DID NOT START THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD. but was one of the best condutors on the underground railraod. Levi Coffin was the leader of the Underground Railroad, helped slaves escape from the south to his home in the north, via the Ohio River, into Cincinnati.

When did Cass River Railroad end?

Cass River Railroad ended in 1872.

When was Toms River Railroad created?

Toms River Railroad was created in 1881.

When was Ashley River Railroad created?

Ashley River Railroad was created in 1877.

When did Ashley River Railroad end?

Ashley River Railroad ended in 1901.

When was North River Railroad created?

North River Railroad was created in 1881.

When did North River Railroad end?

North River Railroad ended in 1881.

When did Flint River Railroad end?

Flint River Railroad ended in 1872.

When was Flint River Railroad created?

Flint River Railroad was created in 1871.

When was West River Railroad created?

West River Railroad was created in 1905.