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Laura Madison. 'course I just googled this.

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How many times did Bette Davis play the two characters in the same movie?

She played both twins in A Stolen Life.

Did Bette Davis ever play on gunsmoke?

She appeared on Gunsmoke in 1966, in the episode "The Jailer."

Was bette Davis Jewish?

No. She once played Santa Claus in a church-school or similar play- got burnt by candles. That should be obvious.

Did clifton Davis play a pimp in any movie?

Clifton Davis plays a pimp in the movie Little Ladies of the Night.

What is the original song behind Angel eyes by akon feat Play-N-Skillz?

Bette Davis Eyes, By Kim Carnes

Did Viola Davis play in the movie Lean on me?

I think she played Ms. Carter's mother.

Who does Warwick Davis play in the Harry Potter movies?

Warwick Davis played the role of Filius Flitwick. In the first movie he voiced the character of Griphook but didn't play him. In the final movie he will both play and voice the character.

In what movie did Geena Davis play a catcher for the Peaches?

A League Of Their Own

Does Ursula in The Little Mermaid have a sister that she talks about?

No, she didn't say she had a sister in the story, movie, or play,

Who was the first black actor to play the president in a movie or on tv?

sammy davis jr

Did Beyonce Knowles play in the movie bring it on all or nothing?

no she did not that was her sister.

Did John Travolta's sister play the role of a waitress in the movie Grease?

No, that was his mother.

Did Lindsay Wagner's sister play in the movie Car Wash?

NO, without a doubt.

What musical instruments does bette midler play?

wind instruments

Who wrote the play Rain based on Miss Sadie Thompson?

Two of Somerset Maugham's long short stories, 'The Letter' and 'Miss Thompson' (1921) furnish the basis for the play entitled 'Rain' written by John Colton and Clemence Randolph. Actually, 'The Letter formed the basis of a separate play and movie. Joan Crawford played Sadie Thompson in "Rain." Bette Davis played the murderess in "The Letter."

In Legally Blonde who did Matthew Davis play?

Matthew Davis played the role of Warner, the boy Elle (Reese Witherspoon) followed to Harvard in the movie 'Legally Blonde'.

What instruments did Sammy Davis jr play?

what insterument did sammy davis jr play

What did -sister hazel sing?

Sister Hazel's biggest hit was probably "All for you." Also, in the movie "10 Things I hate about you", they play a section of Sister Hazel's "Your Winter."

Who did Sammy Davis jr play in porgy and bess?

Sportin' Live. The Pimp / Drugs Dealer. This was in the 1959 movie.

What name did Beyonce' play in Johnson Family Vacation?

She wasn't in the movie but her little sister was

Who is going to play total in the Maximum Ride movie that coming out in 2013?

it going to be a black terrior and the voice is Davis shrimmer

What NFL team does Will Davis play for?

Will Davis plays for the Miami Dolphins.

What position does Will Davis play?

Will Davis plays Cornerback for the Miami Dolphins.

What NFL team did Darren Davis play for?

Darren Davis did not play in the NFL. He was in the CFL with Saskatchewan Roughriders and Ottawa Renegades.

What team does Ed Davis play for?

Ed Davis plays for the Memphis Grizzlies.