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Basically he he made the decision that apartheid needed to be reformed, he dismantled petty apartheid laws and then announced the end of apartheid altogether. He released leaders of the black resistance, including Nelson Mandela. In addition, he signed the Pretoria Minote.

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Q: What role did FW de Klerk play in ending of apartheid?
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What role did FW de klerk have in south Africa apartheid era?

he was the president who ended apartheid

What role did FW de Klerk have in South Africa's apartheid era?

He was the president who ended apartheid.

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How did FW De Klerk win the Nobel Peace Prize?

FW De Klerk was elected President of South Africa in 1989. He played a key role in ending the racist system of apartheid. Although he was an upholder of white privilege, he showed the leadership necessary when the system was bringing the country to bankruptcy. He headed a radical change of action. He kept up negotiations with Mandela and the ANC and agreed to draw up a new constitution with equal voting rights for the next presidential election. For his role in assuring what could have been a violent clash instead turned into a peaceful transition, De Klerk received the Nobel prize.

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