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When can a drama became a play?

A drama is a play. That's what the word "drama" means in Greek.

Is drama a play?

Yes! A drama is a type of play! A drama is when actor/actress is dramatic.

What has the author Peter Slade written?

Peter Slade has written: 'Drama and the middle school' -- subject(s): Drama in education 'Child play' -- subject(s): Child development, Play, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Play 'Listening and language development' -- subject(s): Language, Children, Music in education 'Experience of spontaneity' -- subject(s): Improvisation (Acting), Spontaneity (Personality trait) 'An Introduction to Child Drama'

What is drama in Spanish?

drama = teatro a drama (a dramatic play) = una drama

What is drama or play?

A drama and play is where you act in a stage not like MOVIES!

What are the different styles of drama?

History of theatreApplied DramaAugustan dramaChristian dramaCloset dramaCostume dramaDomestic dramaDramatic structureDramatic theoryFlash dramaFolk playHeroic dramaLegal dramaMelodramaMonodramaMystery playOne act playPlayPolitical dramaRadio dramaTheatre awardsTwo-handerVerse drama and dramatic verseWell-made playClassical Athenian dramaMedievalIndianChineseOperaPantomimeFrom

What is a role in drama?

a role play in drama is when some one is do a little play

Similarities between play and drama?

Drama is the written literature to be performed ,while the play is the performance on stage simply , the drama is to be read and the play is to be seen

What role did women play in drama?

wemon are drama

What does scene mean in drama?

it means that the play the drama club are acting is finished

What are differences between play script and drama?

the difference between play script and drama are the play script has couching and drama is no couchingbow Myra 18 "{P?"{::"""

In yugioh when you play a ritual card to summon a ritual monster do you HAVE to have the ritual monster in your hand in order to summon it or can you summon from your deck?

Yes, it does have to be in your hand.

What is a drama or play?

Drama or Play is a story re-created by actors on the stage in front of an audience.

Can you have play time in drama TV shows?

yes you can have play time in drama TV shows

What does the word drama mean?

drama is written inform of a play.

Is a play different from a drama?

yes, or it is a play for me

What role did the church play in the development of drama?

the church were actually against theatre! they saw it as a sin! hence the mocking of christians in many of shakespeares plays

What are the different types of drama?

there are loads of types of drama here are a few.........History of theatreChristian dramaCostume dramaDomestic dramaDramatic structureFlash dramaFolk playMelodramaMonodramaMystery playRadio dramaTheatre awardsTwo-handerVerse drama and dramatic verseClassical Athenian drama

How can drama make you popular?

Drama can make you popular based on the characters you play.

Is Romeo and Juliet an example of drama?

Yes, it's a play and plays are drama.

What new drama does Jem suggest they play?

The drama of Boo Radley's life.

What is dramatic play?

where people act out drama skills where people act out drama skills where people act out drama skills. Dramatic play is when a theatre performance is also involved

What is the definition of 'drama'?

The word drama is a noun. It can mean a play presented on television or in a theater. Drama can also refer to circumstances that are exciting and/or stressful.

What country does the word drama come from?

First recorded in 1515, from Late Latin 'drama', meaning 'play, drama' from Greek drama (genitive of 'dramatos')

What does role play means in drama?

When you play a person who is not yourself