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What role did religion play in Rhode Island?


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Rhode Island was religion free.

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The relationship between the State and religion had a more important role then did the dogma of any specific religion. Roger Williams and his adherents held that an individual alone could act in matters of conscience and that State had no role to play in enforcing the rules of the Church on the Citizen.

They were the first to break from Great Britain, the site of the Gaspee Affair and the Battle of Rhode Island and Washington's Headquarters for over a year. They were also the home of the first African American fighting unit, the 1st Rhode Island Regiment.

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Religion played a significant role in establishing English colonies in North America. Among these significance were Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania. Initially Brittan's goal of establishing these colonies was to fulfil it's desire to sell more goods and resources.

The first waves of settlers to New England wanted religious freedom. Pennsylvannia and Maryland, as well as Rhode Island, were founded for no other reason than to create a place for a certain religious group.

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