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What role did religion play in colonial Georgia?


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all people who were in a search for religious freedom were allowed to come to colonial Georgia, all except catholics.


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Religion was important in all of colonial America. It was a part of daily life and the right to freedom of religion was important to many colonists since the majority flocked to the colonies to free themselves of religious prosecution.

Religion played a major role in colonial life. That is one of the many reasons people came to "The New World", in their homeland many people could not practice their religion of choice thanks to the government. Also a few colonies were created strictly to have a freedom of religion without being judged.

Religion played a BIG BIG role in schools during this period. It was basically the source of everything. The main religon was Christian, back when people had some smarts. Religion was part of indoctrination of peoples subjugated by the colonial powers. It taught people to obey authority; that authorities were installed by God.

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In colonial Georgia, men played many roles. They were the breadwinners of the family. They farmed the land, took care of repairs, tended to the farm animals and protected their families.

During the Colonial Period in America's history, religion played an essential role. Religion informed every aspect of the colonists' lives, from birth to death and presumably beyond. Religion also provided the main reason for many of the colonists' presence in the New World, as many had arrived just so that they could practice their religious faith freely.

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