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What role did religion play in the lives of Native Americans?


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  1. The role they played in religion was by sharing all believes

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Religion played a big role in Native Americans lives for example Native Americans tried to honor the spirits in their daily lives!

Religion played a large role in the lives of Native Americans. They believed that land was sacred and that spirits lives in everything all around them. :)Religion played a big role in Native Americans lives for example Native Americans tried to honor the spirits in their daily lives!

Yes native Americans did play lacrosse. they invented it, but they played it differently than we do today.

The British sought to convert Native Americans to Catholicism. Atheists wanted to move to the New World to be free from religion of any kind. Living in North America would allow colonists to practice Protestantism. Colonists were curious about the religion practiced by Native Americans

The kind of games (or sports) the Native Americans played was baseball:)

Not at all. Native Americans have a long history of laziness.

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No. It was competition over land. Religion did play a large factor into how the English colonists regarded native Americans, pretty much the English considered them barbarians, uncultured, etc.

They helped by trading with themThe Native Americans played one role in building New France. The Native Americans helped by trading with New France.

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During the American Revolution the Native Americans fought in either side, American or British.

The wars that were fought between the British and French used Native Americans as proxies. Native Americans fought on both sides of the war.

The relation is that the the native Americans ofered the british land but the british said no because they wanted to play monopaly

The Native Americans were the first to play the sport of lacrosse.

ask a more specific question

The Native Americans gave land to King George the 2nd, which gave him more land to create Georgia.

The native Americans helped the people of the northern colony of Massachusetts not the middle

In modern times most of the country are Muslim and follow Islamic everyday lives

The Native Americans stood against Britain and its colonies alongside the French, in exchange for land and fur trading.

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