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Q: What role did the ACLU play in the Scopes trail?
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What was the role of the ACLU during the Scopes Trial?

They tried to protect the teachers Freedom of Speech

Name Groups or organizations can play an important role by contributing to todays social causes?

NRA, ACLU, 2nd amendment foundation.

What role did George Rappleyea play in the case of John Scopes breaking of the evolution rule?

George Rappleyea (1894-1966) led a group of Dayton TN businessmen who convinced teacher John T. Scopes to openly violate Tennessee's 1925 law called the Butler Act, which prohibited the teaching of human evolution from earlier primates. The ACLU had been looking for a test case to challenge the state law. The trial, known as the Scopes Monkey Trial, was held in July 1925 and attracted national attention. Although Scopes lost and had to pay a fine, his conviction was overturned on a technicality, and the Butler Act was not repealed until 1967 after a different trial.

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Why was Clarence Darrow is perhaps most known in US history?

his role as a defense lawyer, particularly in the "Scopes Trial".

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Why was the trial so important in the debate between religion and science in the Scope Monkey Trial In 1925?

First of all, the Scopes trial did not play *any* role in any debate between religion and science as far as I'm aware. Science and religion are fundamentally opposed, and as long as both exist, there will be debate between them. Rather, the Scopes trial played an important role in *legislation* related to the teaching of science in school, rather than teaching fundamentalist religious doctrine as if it were fact. The role the Scopes trial played in this was that it made both the public and judicial authorities aware of the issues involved, up to and including the conflicts between the USA constitution and various state constitutions, as well as the conflicts between both US and state constitutions, and practice.

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