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The UN served as ALLIES and sent troops to Korea to fight against communist aggression.

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What role did united nation play in Korean war?

The UN fought it's first war in Korea.

What role did McArthur play during the Korean war?

In the beginning he was commander in chief of UN forces

What role that the United Nations play in the Korean War?

The UN was the key support for South Korea in men and materials..

What did the the UN Security Council do in the Vietnam War?

The UN supported the Korean War, but did NOT support the Vietnam War.

What role did the U.N. nations play in the Korean war?

Member countries of the UN supplied troops and war materials to aid South Korea.

What was Australia's role in the Korean War?

Australia sent 17,000 men to the Korean War.

What was the role of Japan in the Korean War?

Japan was an assembly point for UN troops heading to Korea. Japan also provided ships to transport the UN troops from Japan to Korea...

In the Korean war why did the UN call for help?

The S.Koreans asked for the UN help.

What were the three stages of the Korean War?

The 3 stages of the Korean War were the North Korean penetration of the Pusan perimeter, the UN counterattack, and the cease fire.

What was Ulysses role un the war?

His role was a general

What was the role of the United Nations in the Korean War?

...Their role was International Force...

What was the commander of the UN forces in the Korean War?

According to wikipedia.org, General Douglas Macarthur was commander of the UN forces during the Korean War until he was relieved by President Harry Truman.

What was the course of UN war aims during the Korean war?

to clear south Korea from occupation by north Korean and Chinese troops

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