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The US provided millions of dollars in weapons, armament as well as money itself to the Allied forces. Victim, combatatant and victor, it was also called the "Arsenal of Democracy" and the "Breadbasket of the World."

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Q: What role did the US play in World War 2?
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What role did the US troops play in World War 1?

The US troops helped the Allies win the war.

What role did the US play in Europe during World War 2?

Critical as a supplier of war material.

Who is John Pershing and what role did he play in World War 1?

He was a General of the US Armies

What role did the us government play in regulating the economy during world war 1?

To pribent the Germans

What role did the US armed forces play in winning World War 1?

i know about world war II but not world war I i know on world war II is japan tried to lay a bomb on Augusta.

What role did Franklin D Rooseevelt play in world war 2?

He was the US Commander in Chief until his death.

What role did Patton play in World War 2?

He was the general in charge of the US Army, for the troops fighting in Europe

What role did the alliance between France Britain and the US play in World War 1?


What role did the US play in World War 2 before it officially entered the fighting?

an isolationist role while providing armaments to its ally great britain

What was the role of the US as a superpower after World War 2?

The US was the LEADER.

What was the role of the US after the world war 2?

The US turned into a superpower

What was the role of the US after World War 2?

i have no idea.

What role did the US play in the Vietnam war Vietnam War?

The US was at war with North Vietnam (informally-not with documents signed/declaration of war).

What role did the US play in World War 1 and World War 2?

Both times the US was late in the game. The US had the attitude of "its Europes war, we dont care." Both times the US 'saved the day'. They came in with troops and financial backing the helped bolster the Allies.

What role did Vietnam War play in US history?

around 1950

What role did Pearl Harbor have on World War 2?

It brought the US into the war

What role did pearl harbor play in World War 2?

A huge part because it not only left its mark on history but made the US declare war on Japan whose allies, Germany and Italy, declared war on the US. This officialy made it a World War

How did the role of the US change after world war 1?


Did US played a role in World War 1?


What role did the Soviet Union US play in the Cold War?

The US and the USSR were the leaders of their respective sides during the cold war.

Did the us stance on communision play a huge role in getting involved in the Vietnam war?

It was the only role. Otherwise the US would have stayed out of it.

What role did Mobile Alabama play in the US Civil War?

The role of Mobile, Alabama was a significant role in the US Civil War. The city passed several resolutions even passed a resolution to succeed from the Union.

How did World War 1 change the role of the US as a world power?

This should be right

What role did the US have globally after world war 2?

there has a power to fight

What role did Mexico play in the US entrance into World War 2?

I do know that the US trained Mexican pilots in Texas. These pilots later flew missions in the South Pacific.