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The United States played essentially no role in the Russian Revolution. Some escaping royals made their way to the United States and asked and received asylum.

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Did the us enter the Russian revolution?

no the us did not enter the Russian revolution

Why the Russian Revolution was the final breaking point to get the US into the war?

The Russian Revolution did not play a large part in the US government's decision to enter the War. The sinking of the Lusitannia, the Zimmerman Telegraph, unrestricted submarine warfare and propaganda played a much larger role in the decision.

What role did the US play in the Panama Revolution?

The US was proactive and probably more then a little bit insistent on that course of action.

Why was the Russian Revolution important to the US?

They helped end the war

What happened to the Catholic church as a result of the revolution?

You need to tell us what revolution. Russian, French, American?

What was the role of the US in the Russian civil war?

Although not directly involved with the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917; after WWI (1918) US Army troops were dispatched to the Soviet Union in the 1920's to maintain law, order and stability.

What did the Russian Revolution have to do with the US entering World War 1?

Nothing. The US entry into World War I was contemporaneous (at the same time) as the Russian Revolution but the the two events were not influenced by each other. The Russian Revolution led to the Russian withdrawal from World War I and meant that the Second Reich (Germany) could move a much larger share of its military to the Western Front. If the US had not joined the war at this point, the Germans would likely have overwhelmed the French and the British.

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Immigrants play a very large role in the US. They steal or belongings and rape our children. They ruin everything.

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the govt. plays a limited role in the economy

What role does the US play in Romania?

Generally this role is considered negative by the majority of Romanians.

What were the 3 reasons the us joined world war 1?

The Zimmermann Telegram, the sinking of Lusitania, and the Russian Revolution.

What role did the US play in the building of the Panama Canal?

A big role. The US Army Corps of Engineers built the canal itself.

What role did the us play in the un formation?

the us played a role in ww2 the made more money than the united nations

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What role does the US legal system play in business regulation?"

Beginning with the 1917 Russian Revolution the US and Soviet Union were enemies Which nation caused them to be allies for a period of time?


Are Russian troops in the us?

No, Russian troops are not in the US

What role did nuclear weapons play in President Kennedy's foreign policy?

President Kennedy saw US nuclear weapons as a tool of deterrence against Russian aggression and necessary for securing mutually assured destruction.

Did the us stance on communision play a huge role in getting involved in the Vietnam war?

It was the only role. Otherwise the US would have stayed out of it.

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When the Russian missile's were placed there it couldn't be allowed because Cuba is only 90 miles off of US coastlines. That, put them in the US sphere of influence and couldn't be allowed.

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Ambassador to France

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it kept the US money supply stable

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