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The US was at war with North Vietnam (informally-not with documents signed/declaration of war).

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What role did Canada play in the Vietnam war?

Neutral and a refuge for draft dodgers.

The role of the Cold War in Vietnam?

To keep Vietnam from going nuclear. Vietnam was part of the cold war.

What role did Lyndon Johnson play in the Vietnam War?

US President & Commander in Chief.

What role did minorities play in the Vietnam War?

They were drafted like all the rest of the men.

What role did Vietnam play in Cold War?

Cold War means no fighting. No shooting. No one dies. Hot Wars are a series of battles. Seldom is one battle a war. The Vietnam War was the second "Hot" battle of the cold war. Korea was the first.

What was the french's role in the Vietnam war?

They fought a war there to retain the country.

What role did public protest play in the end of the Vietnam war?

The public was drafted, the public resisted.

Did the US win or lose the Vietnam War Justify your answer.?

How did the role the American media played in the Vietnam War.

Did Michigan play a role in the Revolutionary War?

michigan did play a role in the revolutionary war:)

What was the US role in Vietnam?

Destroying communists in South Vietnam, and destroying the communist's will to make war in North Vietnam (bombing them during the air war).

What was china's role in the Vietnam war?

china gave weapons to north Vietnam

How was Canada involved in the Vietnam war What role did they play in the conflict?

Canada was neutral. It's only major role was as a refuge for draft dodgers.

Did the us stance on communision play a huge role in getting involved in the Vietnam war?

It was the only role. Otherwise the US would have stayed out of it.

What role did communism play in the Vietnam War?

It was the percieved threat of a Communist takeover of South Vietnam that prompted Eisenhower and Kennedy to introduce advisers into the conflict.

What role did Nixon play in the Vietnam war?

Upon ascension to office as the US president, Nixon began, and promptly completed, the US withdrawal from Vietnam.

What role did john smith play in the Vietnam war?

John Smith is a common US name; he was a US Serviceman.

What role did television play in increasing Americans doubts about the war effort?

Vietnam was the first war in history that played out nightly on national television. The pictures and video from the war zone were shocking to many Americans and caused disillusionment for our role in the fighting.

What role did geography play in germanys war plans?

What role did geography play in germanys war plans?

What role did Isaac Murphy play in the civil war?

What role did Isaac Murphy play in the civil war

What role did the KGB play in the cold war?

it play in the russin cold war.

What was Eisenhowers role in the Vietnam War?

he served as one of the presidents during the time of the vietnam war, and he also popularized the domino principle theory.

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