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Jihad is Holy War so if missionaries come trying to convert Muslims, then Jihad happens against them. Jihad is a fight for Allah and his Apostles.

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What role does the moon play in the Islamic calendar?

The Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar.

What is concept in architecture?

The concept is simple. It improves peoples ability to play with legos

Where can one find Islamic wallpapers for downloading?

Islamic wallpapers can be found using Google Images. They are also available on Google Play, Zedge, Top Islamic, iTunes, Islamic Wallpaper Web, and Handy Cafe.

What role does the Islamic man play in marriage?

Many roles. Depends what your into?

What are caravans in Islam?

Caravans are groups of manned camels with goods that travel in unison. They have no special meaning within Islam, but as Islam came out of Arabia, where there are numerous caravans, they play an important part of Islamic History.

What type of toys do iguanas play with?

Nothing ! They have no concept of what 'play' is. They are not like a domesticated dog or cat.

What role did Turkic and Mongolian nomads play in the development of the Islamic world from 1000-1500?

The role that Turkic and Mongolian nomads play in the development of the Islamic world from 1000-1500 was wrong. They acted as a powerful military shield.

What role did Nancy Hart play in Georgia's history?

what role did nancy hart play in georgias history?

How does opinion play a part in history?

peoples opinions on history play an important part. history plays the part of facts, and opinion plays the part of people interpretation of history.

What are the release dates for Play by Play A History of Sports Television - 1991?

Play by Play A History of Sports Television - 1991 was released on: USA: 3 December 1991

Where can i find history of downloaded apps in play store-?

For detailed instruction on finding history of downloaded apps in play store visit cnet.com/uk/how-to/delete-downloaded-app-history-from-google-play/

What roles does Islam play in society?

Islamic Shariah provides complete roles and guidance so as to how a society should move in the world. The Islamic way of giving Zakaat is one of the examples of how an Islamic society promotes an effective monetary system throughout the world.

Frances actress in 2006 play history boys?

Frances de la Tour was in the play and movie The History Boys.

What role did the Algonquin's play in New York's early history?

The Algonquians play the Native Americans in New York's early history.

When did shakespeare write his history plays?

Henry VI is a history play thought by many to be Shakespeare's first. Henry VIII is a history play thought by some to be his last. Obviously he wrote history plays throughout his career.

Is twelfth night a history?

The play Twelfth Night by Shakespeare is not a historical play, it is a comedic play.

What role did religion play in the development of an Islamic state?

Answer 1Islamic religion was very required to do it like natural so they went to islam.Answer 2Islamic Law was fundamental in developing the legal structure of the Islamic State. Islamic Law was determined by the clerics of Islam who interpreted the Qur'an. Therefore the entire nature of the Islamic States was predicated on the religion of Islam. However, after the Rightly-Guided Caliphs, the successive Caliphs (rulers of the Islamic Empires) were so immoral that the Islamic clergy separated from the state structure and became quasi-independent. Religion still played a critical role in determining law and societal organization, but was not in complete control.

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