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The tapes were incomplete.

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The tapes were referred to as the Watergate tapes. They were not complete.

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APEX - "found to be incomplete"

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his role... was to... SPY!

cause he's a secret ninja agent elf sent from Santa clause to find out whose been naughty and whose been nice.

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Found to be incomplete. - Apex

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Q: What role did the tapes from Nixon's conversation in the Oval Office play in the Watergate scandal?
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What are Watergate tapes?

The watergate tapes are the series of tapes that was used as the main evidence to impeach Nixon. The tapes were recordings of every conversation Nixon had in his office about the Watergate scandal, they contained evidence that Nixon was trying to cover up his involvement in the scandal.

The Watergate scandal forced Nixon to?

Resign from office.

The Watergate scandal began when?

The Watergate scandal began on 17 June 1972, with a burglarly at the offices of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate Office Complex in Washington, DC.

Why did Richard Nixon resign the office president?

Watergate Scandal

What affect did the Watergate scandal have on the presidency and in the US?

Richard Nixon sent the country rolling with the Watergate Scandal. The country was still trying to recover from Vietnam War when this scandal came to the surface. The Watergate scandal was Richard Nixon trying to cheat the country into reelecting him into office.

Which presidant had to leave office as result or the watergate scandal?

richard nixon

Why President Nixon should have regrets about his term in office?

Because of his watergate scandal

Was Richard Nixon asassinated as president?

No, he resigned from office in 1974 amidst the Watergate scandal.

What office building did the scandal of President Nixon administration and the democratic national party?


Which U S President covered up the Watergate scandal and resigned from office?

Richard Nixon.

Did any president never see his term in office out?

Nixon resigned because of the watergate scandal.

What was the name of the office complex synonymous with Nixon's break-in-scandal?

The Watergate Hotel in Washington , DC was the site of the break-n that began the Watergate Affair.