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There are two roles, both important and quite different.

The Aztec marketplaces are legendary for at one time providing some of the most exotic plants, meats, vegetables, fruits, medicinal plants and herbs, feathers, pelts, stones, dyes, art, wares, fabrics, etc. For example, Tenochititlan (Mexico City) was supplied with fresh fish from both coasts. The Aztec marketplace has survived the centuries and become the popular "mercados" and weekly "tianguis".

Trade is believed to have been an essential part to the greatness of the Aztec culture. The Long-Distant Merchants (Pochteca) were instrumental to bring back information about other regions, size of towns and tribes as well as maps of the best routes to reaching all these far way places. The Pochteca brought back information on what goods the Aztec could benefit from, and more importantly the strength and weaknesses of the other tribes. That made the Pochteca an essential instrument to the height of the Aztec empire. It is recorded in history the Pochteca did trading as far as northern New Mexico (many believe it was much further to the north), and far into South America. The central American country of Nicaragua was under the ruling of the Aztec, its original name Nikan Anahuak roughly transalates "This far reaches Anahuak"

Due to its important role in the expansion of its empire, the Pochteca had a high place within society. The only way to become a pochteca, was to be born into such class.

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it let the Aztec soldiers take over people

What role did war play in the growth of the Aztec empire?

the Aztecs forced the people they conquered to pay them tribute.

What role did hernan Cortes play in The fall of Tenochtitlan and the rest of the Aztec empire?

he led the troops to destroy tenochtitlan

What role did war play in the Aztec Empire?

most important thing about the Aztecs warfare was to take use the people they defeated as sacrifices

What was the role of merchants in the Aztec empire?

The role of merchants in the Aztec empire was the same as any merchant anywhere, to sell their wares to people that need them, and to buy goods from people that don't. They also probably had a role in spreading culture.

What role did trade and commerce have in the aztec civilization?

they will sacrifice their lives

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Human sacrifice was the most prominent role of religion in Aztec culture.

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In the Aztec empire, the emperor is worshiped as a living god and enjoys unquestioned authority. Although they weren't always able to in the past, women can now become empresses.

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How did nobles play a role in the Aztec government?

Nobles belonged to families descended from the first Aztec king. Nobles owned slaves and many were government officials.

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What role did human sacrifice play in Aztec society?

Human sacrifice played a significant role in the Aztec culture. It was believed that life itself sprung from dead bodies, because their world was believed to be created by the sacrifice of the gods.

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