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As Sumerian society grew more complex, it divided into several social groups, or classes. Many societies are divided into unequal classes. Classes of systems often define who usually has power and who usually does the less desirable jobs.

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Q: What role did women and slaves play in sumerian religion?
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sagon lol

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How did religion play a crucial role in the lives of New England women

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none. Slaves are not given any liberty to practise any religion. However Jews once being defeated and being made slaves , their religion played a very vital role for their revival. Some religion itself preached and preaches slavery.

What role did women play in Sumerian society?

woman stayed home and tok good care of the house until their husband came back.

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Slaves and women pretty much played the same role. While men were actually declared as citizens (boys over the age of 18 and born in Athens or just free men), women and slaves were not, so that meant that they had fewer rights than free men had. Slaves and women could not vote or attend the Assembly, and most women or slaves could not even choose their own husbands/wives. So, women and slaves were pretty much treated the same way.

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some upper-class women became priestesses(a role of honor),free women could own land, also could work as merchants, and artisans, such as weavers but their main role was to take care of their children

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