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An enzyme is a catalyst, and it speeds up the biochemical reaction. It does this by providing an alternate pathway for the reaction to occur, and this alternate pathway has a lower activation energy than the pathway in the absence of the enzyme.

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Q: What role does an enzyme play in a biochemical reaction?
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What is the role of enzyme in cells?

enzyme sped up the chemical reaction

What is the role of enzymes in a reaction?

It catalyses the biochemical process thus it increases the rate of reaction

What is an enzyme's role in chemical reaction?

to speed up a chemical reaction

What is an enzyme's role in chemical reactions?

An enzyme is molecule that helps other molecules enter into chemical reactions with one anotherbut is itself unaffected by these reactions. In other words, enzymes act as catalysts for organic biochemical reactions. They usually speed up the reaction.

What is the role of enzymes in cells?

enzyme sped up the chemical reaction

Role of enzyme in chemical reaction?

Enzymes catalyze reactions - ie, increase the rate of the reaction (substantially)

How does adding an acid to an enzyme reaction effect the enzyme?

it alters the pH of the enzyme denaturing it leaving it unable to carry out it's role effectively or at all

Why does carbon play a role in the chemistry of living things?

The majority of biochemical compounds are carbon compounds.

What role do enzymes play in a reaction?

Enhancing as well as inhibiting the reaction.

How does telomerase play a role?

Telomerase is an enzyme that renews the teloromes at the end of chromosomes

What types of enzymes play a role in digestion?

Pepsin is the enzyme responsible for digestion.

What enzyme is secreted in the mouth and what role does it play in digestion?

The enzyme secreted in the mouth is amylase. Amylase breaks carbohydrates (starch) into glucose (sugar).

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