What role does religion play in everyday life in China?

Another answer from our community:

Right now, its very difficult for religion to play any role in China, because of Communism.

As with people all around the world, religion is becoming less important for the younger generations, but Buddhism and Daoism still play a part in the lives of many Han Chinese, particularly the older generations, as well as most minority ethnic groups. Islam also plays a central role in the lives of Hui Chinese people.

I have even seen domestic shrines in the homes of some Chinese people. The Spring Festival is very important, and people flock to the Temples to celebrate. Religion has no real part in marriage celebrations, except for the Christian minority, but becomes important for funerals and for remembrance of the dead. People who are otherwise Buddhists will sometimes visit a Daoist priest to learn about future prospects. Some people spend time in their early years as monks and nuns.