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The President of the United States is the Commander-In-Chief of the military. When one is enlisted or becomes an officer in a branch of the U.S. military, he or she must take an oath to obey the orders of the President. The President is the highest ranking officer of the military.

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The President has the authority to request a Declaration of War from the Congress (both parties must agree), he has the ability to send troops to fight abroad for 60 days without a declaration of war, and as Commander-in-Chief; he issues orders and provides strategic guidance to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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Q: What role does the president play regarding the military?
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What's the military role of the president?

The military role of the president is being Commander in Chief.

What role did Santa Anna play in the Texas revolution?

he was the president and military leader of the Mexican army.

What role did American play in the Vietnamese history?

A military role.

What Role did the military play in Caesar?


Who is in charge of the military in the white house?

The President. The President assumes the role of Commander in Chief.

In which role does the President serve as the head of the military?

commander in chief

What is the green party's philosophy regarding the governments role?

make Gurvir president

Who is the commander and chief of the us military?

The commander in chief of all military forces in the United States is the US president. Quite naturally this president would heed the advice of many military and political advisors. The US Civil War saw the US President Lincoln play a large role in the conduct of that war.

What role does the Vice President play in Congress?

The Vice President is the President of the Senate

What role did Jefferson play in western expansion?

How did president jefferson play a role in the westward expansion

What role does the president play in amending the constitution?

He plays no major role.

What role does the president play in lawmaking?

yes he does

Which role is the president assuming when he uses the military to intervene crisis?

In this case, the president is assuming the role of Commander in Chief of all US armed forces.

How you can play a role in the progress of Pakistan?

i can take military action on them

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What role did Robert Kennedy play as president?

Robert Kennedy was never president.

What title refers to the president's military role?

The US President is the Commander-in-Chief.

This phrase explains the authority the president has over the military?

The phrase "commander in chief" is a title which explains the supreme role that a president plays in the military. They have a special command and control over what goes on in the military.

What role did the war with Mexico play in the election of 1848?

Zachary Taylor, who was a military leader during the Mexican-American War, was elected as president due to his victories in the field.

What role did Samuel Houston play in the Texas revolution?

He was in charge of the military.

What is Barack Obama's role?

He is president of the United States and Commander in Chief of the American military. His role is that he is the political leader of our country.

What role did the president play in the American president movie?

In The American President, the president has the role of commander in chief, chief diplomat, chief legislator, political party leader and a world leader.

What Role did Benjamin Franklin play in the constitutional convention?

He was the president

What role did political parties play in the election of 1796?

No role. The congress still selected the president .