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What role does transpiration play in the water cycle?


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by taking part in the water cycle and watering the earths climate!

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Trees play an important role to bring rain. They provides water via transpiration.

Transpiration has an important role in the process of water cycle. The water cycle will continue with the process of evaporation only.

Transpiration. The water goes up through the plants routes and and goes throught the leaves and falls.

They absorb water through their roots and transport it to the leaves. Here it undergoes transpiration and is returned to the atmosphere as water vapour. Some of the water is also retained within the plant.

When it rains the grass roots absorb the water. Later on it is it is released from the leaves or grass tips in a process called transpiration.

Rivers play an important role. Water cycle begins and ends at rivers.

unlike evaporation which is part of the water cycle; plants draw water from below the evaporation zone; water that is tightly held by clay particles is drawn up by the plants in the transpiration stream and diffused into the atmosphere.

It's transpiration, which is water going into the atmosphere by evaporating.

The vegetation's role in the water cycle is cooling the heat of the rain

Plants also have a role in water cycle. Plants gives out water through transpiration. This water will combine with water vapour in the atmosphere and forms clouds. Plants also absorbs water through thier roots from ground water.

The water cycle plays an important role in the environment. This cycle recycles the water in the system for the plants and animals.

PLants absorb the water from the soil (through their roots) and then release it back into the atmosphere by transpiration (evaporation from the leaves). You should know what happens after that...The water in the atmosphere condenses to form clouds, then rain falls, returning the water to the soil, and the cycle goes on...

They don't. They are products of the water cycle, but to not play an active role in it.

water is evaporated from the Oceans by the Sun, which 'starts' the cycle.

Oceans play an important role. They are the source of evaporation.

The precipitation plays a big role in a water shed

Human plays an integral role. He may positively or negatively affect water cycle.

The role of forests in the water cycle is very important because through the process of transpiration (in which plants release water from their leaves during photosynthesis). This moisture contributes to the formation of rain clouds, which release the water back onto the forest. Than this water cycle again goes on.

It carries water from precipitation into oceans.

Aquifers store water in the ground.

Water cycle affects the weather. Weather changes after precipitation.

Forests bring rain. They transpire and initiates water cycle.

Plants play an important role. They transpire and helps in evaporation of water.

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