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Q: What role should a Teacher or an LSA take when working with parents?
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What is the role of a teacher in today's society?

The role of a teacher in society is to educate to students. The teachers are considered to be the first line of learning along with the childs parents.

What is the role of the parents and the teachers?

in this regard, it is imperative that parents and teachers should act as the child role models.

What is the role of teacher in classroom?

the role of the teacher

What role should teacher leaders play in the shared leadership of a school?

How do you difine Teacher Leadership?

What is teacher in role in drama?

When the teacher takes part in the role play.

What you expect from your teacher?

1st and the important thing is that teacher should understand the psychology of the students.And it is obvious that the teacher should have an over all knowledge of her respective subject.A teacher should understand the problem of a student..every student doesn't come under same category.Every student belongs to different family bg. Teacher should not be partial.This behavior of a teacher may create space in between a student and a teacher.A role of a teacher is equivalent to the role of a mother. So it is very important for a teacher to maintain this pure relation honestly.

What is the pastoral role of women in educational management position?

parents women committed to working very hard

What role dot the parents have when their baby is getting baptised?

The very important role the parents play is that they should bring up the child in a christian way , after it is baptised.

What is teacher's role outside of the classroom?

a teacher is your friend............

A teacher is having difficulty preparing for class and grading papers because she is caring for her elderly parents who are in a nursing home?

role conflict

What is the teacher's role as a bridge to the community?

The teacher's role as a bridge to the community is huge. The teacher is responsible for showing the community why school and social interaction is important.

Criteria of the teacher or employee?

A teacher should use various strategies to help students learn and retain new knowledge. In addition, a teacher plays a role in making sure that classrooms are orderly.

The difference between teaching assistant role and a teacher role?

The difference between a teacher and a teacher assistant is their qualifications for starters. A teacher has to be certified in his/her discipline. An assistant teacher has no certification. The teacher is the person in charge of the classroom and its students. The assistant is there to help him/her. The assistant has no authority in the classroom over the teacher. The teacher tells the assistant what to do and when to do it. The assistant should leave all parental contacts to the teacher because they are not authorized to have parental contact regarding the parent's child. This is totally up to the certified teacher that is in charge. Certified teachers should not go out into their community and tell people that they are a teacher. This is falsifying their identity in trying to be someone that they are not.

The role of a teacher in the school and community?

The role of a teacher in the school is to give additional lessons of what the child learned from the community.

Who should do the role of bringing up children and why?

the mother and father both should do the role of bringing up the child as it is equally important for the child to have both parents here for him/her

What does teacher in role mean?

Teacher in role is when a teacher assumes a role in relation to the students. This may be as a leader, a peer, or any other role which is useful in the development of the lesson. The teacher may ask questions of the students, perhaps putting them into role as members of a specific group and encouraging them to hot seat her in return. A token piece of costume, a hand prop or special chair can be useful to denote when the teacher steps into and out of role.

What is the definition of teacher-centered curriculum?

the curriculum in which teacher role is dominant

Role of teacher in curriculum development?

A teacher has a central role in the development of the curriculum. A teacher must have a comprehensive understanding of the content in the curriculum and must be familiar with the methodologies to deliver this knowledge to the students. Thus, the role of a teacher is very important in the development of the curriculum.

How the role of teacher chanced from preindustrial to industrial society?

How the role of teacher chanced from preindustrial to industrial society?Read more:How_the_role_of_teacher_chanced_from_preindustrial_to_industrial_society

What must an instructor be to a student?

An instructor should be a mentor, teacher, tutor, and facilitator. His role is to teach the student the material.

What are the role of parents?

The role of parents are to always protect your children. They have to be a good role model, and they have to guide their children in life.

What is the role play teacher for society?

A child spends most of his time with his teacher and a good teacher is a role model to his student and inspires him to be a good citizen with good values.

Role of teacher in school health program?

The teacher is the first line of defense.

Role of teacher in developing Indian society?

The role of a teacher in developing Indian society is to create a platform where information is passed on. The teacher will be used as a means of exposure to the Indian values.

What is Joseph howe's role in the confederation?

he was a Teacher