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Q: What role will digital broadcasting play in the future of television?
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Will play-tv work with an American ps3?

American TV went Digital and Play TV is not for Digital TV so it will not work in the USA

Can you play video tape on a digital tv?

Yes, a digital TV will also play a analogue signal so as long as your video player has a scart connection then your TV will play the video tape. (This answer is only for people in Europe.)

What brand of radio can receive TV station programming?

There are many multi-function radios that include TV-audio. But since the total migration of TV to digital broadcasting in June 2009, those radios don't work anymore. So far, nobody has marketed a radio that will play the audio of a digital TV station, and frankly, for various reasons, it's not a product for which you should hold your breath.

Will your digital tuner play the channels you had to have a digital cable box for?

No if you have a built-in digital tuner insisde your living room TV set, you will only receive the local CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, and FOX affiliate digital television stations.

What important role did the parkes satellite play in broadcasting the footage of the moon landing?

He Put The First Moon Landing Tape On TV

Can you play ps3 on a westinghouse digital tv?

If it has the A/V connection capability or HDMI plug you can.

Do 3D TVs require a digital converter?

They do not require a digital converter, but with the addition of one, you can enhance your movies and game's play back with a 3d digital converter. They run around $100.

Will VHS tapes still play after change to digital TV?

Yes. You just need a VCR plugged into your TV. Having a digital converter box going to your TV has nothing to do with being able to use a VCR or DVD player.

Can you play your tv through your samsung surround sound system?

Yes. Connect the audio output (digital or analog) of the TV in to the TV input of the receiver.

Can you play video tape through a digital tv?

Most (if not all) digital TV's on the market today have a composite (analog) input option in the jack panel on the rear of the TV set. If not, they also usually have both analog and digital tuner sections, giving you the option to use the RF tuner section of your receiver as well.

Which VCR plays home videos the easiest?

A digital one that connects directly to your TV so that as you put the tape in, it will automatically play.

What is cable triple play?

The triple play is a bundled cable pack, it is digital starter (cable TV), high speed internet, and ditigal phone. all in one bill

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