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What roles do women play?

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In western nations historically women did the cooking, cleaning, washing and mending of clothes, and house chores.

Today the roles women play have very few limitations. They have been heads of state, such as Margaret Thatcher, fire fighters, police officers, and pilots. The US Military discourages women from serving in active combat roles.

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What roles did women play in the resistance movement?

they cooked

What roles did women play in the Civil War?

women served in the war as cooks and nurses.

Who played all the women roles in shakespeare play?


What are traditional roles women play in Hinduism?

Housewife, majorly.

What roles did women play in early christian communities?

cooking and cleaning

What roles did women play in the mid 1900?

Women could work in factories, and they had more personnel freedom.

Did boys play the roles of women and children in Shakespeare's plays?

Yes, women weren't allowed to act.

Why did boys play the womens roles in shakespeares play?

During that time women weren't allowed to perform.

What roles do fungi play in the living world?

They give women blue waffles

How did women's roles and opportunities in the 1950s differ from women's roles today?

The way the women's roles and opportunities in the 1950s differ from women's roles today is in the 1950s women roles was mostly raising a family and housekeeping. Today, women play a part in public offices and workplace and person growth/community.

Do women experience culture the same way as men do?

Because of the diffrerent roles both women and men play, they have different experiences.

What roles did women play during the battle at Valley Forge?

Collected and delivered necessities to the army.

Were woman allowed to performe shakespeare play when he was live?

No, women's roles were played by young boys, although at times women would dress up as men to be allowed to play women's roles!

What type of roles did women play during world war 1?

the roles that women played in the civil war was that they cooked food for the men nand they washed there clothes. even i now that and im only 12.

What roles did women play in factories during the Civil War?

the women were nurses, factory workers, sports players, pilots and code breakers.

Were women allowed to WATCH ancient Greece theatre?

It is thought that women were not allowed to watch theatre or perform at the theatre, although male actors did play women roles.

What roles did the women play during the civil war?

cooking and cleaning. not much has changed since then, eh?

Before the second great awakening what was the expected role for women?

Play supporting roles in society (NovaNet)

What important roles did Korean women play during the world war 2?

blah blah blah

Describe the roles of men women and children of the Comanche tribe?

what was the role the kids play in the comache tribe

What is are the main roles of iroqouis women?

the main roles of the iroqouis women is to take care of the clan

What roles did women have in shakespeares plays?

All roles were performed by males. Women did not perform on stage.

How does a man date a woman with no money?

Unlike women men don't really think about women the same way that women think about men. Women want men with good stable jobs so that he can be a provider for her and her offspring. It is part of our culture in the society that we live in that we established these gender roles. Gender roles are roles that men and women play because that is what our society expects of them. One of the gender roles is that a man should be a provider for his wife and children. When a guys dates a women with no money he does not care. He wants to be attracted to her and that she treat him nice.

What roles did women play in Colonial America?

Women in Colonial America typically played house wives. These women would take care of the children and cool the meals at home.

In Judaism what are the gender roles?

the roles of the men in women in the culture

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