What roman leader did Caesar fight during the second civil war?

Caesar's civil war was the 5th civil war which was fought in the late Roman Republic.

Caesar fought against several military commanders. The forces of the senate were initially led by Pompey the great. After Pompey died, other commanders took over the forces of the senate. Caesar sent his general Publius Attius Varus to Tunisia where he defeated Gaius Scribonius Curio at the battles of Utica and the Bagradas River . Caesar then defeated Titus Labienus at the Battle of Ruspina; and then Metellus Scipio, Marcus Petreius and king Juba I of Numidia in the Battle of Thapsus (both in Tunisia). Finally he defeated Titus Labienus, Gnaeus Pompeius and Publius Attius Varus at the Battle of Munda in Spain.