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to shoot the gun when they have to

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Q: What rules did soldiers have to follow in the revolutionary war?
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How many American Soldiers in Revolutionary War?

285,000 American Soldiers fought in the American Revolutionary War.

How did the soldiers get clean in the Revolutionary War?

People in the revolutionary war did not get clean

What happened to the soldiers after the Revolutionary war?

what did soldiers do after the revolution?

What was Martha Washington's role in the Revolutionary War?

Martha Washington's role in the Revolutionary War was to follow her husband George Washington around the battlegrounds and she also treated sick soldiers.she was a aid

What event helped establish compensation for soldiers after the Revolutionary War?

The Newburgh Mutiny helped established compensation for soldiers after the Revolutionary War.

In what American war did the soldiers first sing Yankee Doodle?

The American Revolutionary WarRevolutionary war

How many British soldiers were wounded in the Revolutionary War?

It is estimated that there were about 24,000 British soldiers were wounded in the Revolutionary War. The American who were wounded were about 8,445.

What rule was their in the Revolutionary War?

there was no rules in the war i think

How many soldiers were starving during the Revolutionary War?

285,000 Soldiers

Were all soldiers in the revolutionary war volentiers?

US Soldiers, yes.

Where did the Revolutionary War soldiers come from?


What Revolutionary War soldiers slept in?


Who had more soldiers in Revolutionary War?


Who was in the Revolutionary War?

The American colonies, Britain, and FranceThe Revolutionary War was a thing, not a person. If you would like to know who was IN the Revolutionary War, go to and type the soldiers of the Revolutionary War.

Why was the Revolutionary War a bad idea?

The revolutionary war was a bad idea because the Americans really did not have to resources or soldiers for the war.

How many soldiers were injured in the Revolutionary War?

The number of American soldiers wounded in the American Revolutionary War is 25,000. The total of U.S. dead and wounded is 50,000.

What hardships did revolutionary war soldiers face?

did the soldiers had ammunition did they have food and etc.

How many soldiers did George Washington have during the revolutionary war?

about 30,000 to 50,000 soldiers during the war.

What kind of illnesses did soldiers get in the revolutionary war?


What did the Continental soldiers wear in the Revolutionary War?


German soldiers fighting in the Revolutionary War?


What was the average age of soldiers in the Revolutionary war?


How did soldiers live in the Revolutionary War?

por pendejos

Did the American soldiers have enough to eat in the Revolutionary War?

No they did not.

How did they pay the soldiers after the American revolutionary war?

They didnt