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I've taken some data form the department of labor and I've see that the average hourly wage is about 26$.

The beautiful thing with this work is that you can't work only as a computer animator but you've plenty of possibilities open to you, like work in a in a web agency, with cartographer, in a medical environment and much more.

So your possibilities to find a work could increase a lot if your opened to other fields.

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What is the yearly average salary for a cartoon animator?

It depends if you are a good animator or not!

What is the starting salary for an animator at Paaprikaas India?

The starting salary for an animator in Paprikaas, India is 250,280 Rupees. This is equivalent to an annual salary of 4,086 US dollars.

Salary of 3d animator?

The average salary of a 3D animator in the United States is around $92, 000 annually. However, this will vary depending on the company the animator works for and the location of the company.

What is the salary of a 3d animator in India?

Well I'm no expert, but according to this website, the average salary of an animator is around RS310,000 per annum.

Salary package of a fresh animator?

a lot

What is the average salary for an animator in the US?


What is the monthly salary for a cartoon animator?


How much salary do animators in India earn?

how much salary do a animator in india get

What is the annual salary for an animator?

Depends on where you live, the average American animator gains roughly 61,010 a year.

How much is the salary of an anime animator?

20000$ per episode.

What are some benefits being a pediatrician?

Benefits of being a pediatrician include helping children, flexible career options and a high salary.

What is the starting salary of my artist career?

You would struggle to find a job simply as an artist. It's not something with a defined career path. I suggest you research the various options in commercial art.

How much does a 2d animator get paid?

An entry level 2d animator will make about 30,000 dollars per year. Once they gain experience they can double that yearly salary.

Whats average mid career salary of a writer?

what is the average mid career salary for a doctor?

How much starting salary for animator from maac institute in kolkata?

Grammar do learn is being and goodly.

What is the average career salary of a doctor?

The average annual salary for a primary care physician is $200,000.00 a year. Assuming the average career is 35 years the average career salary is approximately $7,000,000.00.

What is the average mid-career salary?

The average mid career salary is about $95,000. Aerospace and computer engineers make about $180,000 in mid career and economics majors average about $50,000.

Which colleges have the best biology programs?

Stanford offers the best program is you are trying to become a research scientist. Emphiasis on molecular biology will offer the best career options and salary

What is Brett Favre career salary?


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What is a good career salary?

Sports rehab!

What is the average career salary of a lawyer?


How much does a career counselor earn?

The average salary for a career counselor in the United States is $54,000 per year. Salaries for this career vary greatly by location, and the average annual salary for a career counselor in Boston, MA is $69,000.

What is the average salary of cartoon animators?

As of 2004, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said that an average wage of a cartoon animator was $50,360.

What is the average salary for a military engineer?

When choosing a career it is important to know the salary. The average salary for a military engineer is $71,000 yearly.