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Q: What savage way of punishing a captured enemy is depicted in the story of biag ni lam - ang?
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Who was Fidel Castro's Greatest enemy?

Actually he was his best enemy once Batista was killed when he was captured.

What is a sentence for captured?

The troops captured an enemy spy. The wild horse was captured on the range.

A platoon medic is not considered a POW if captured by the enemy?


Who are depicted as enemy in zulu war?

Any group or tribe who tried to occupy Zulu lands.

What were the civil war prison camps for?

Captured enemy solders. Union prison camps held captured Confederate solders and Confederate prison camps held captured Union solders.

When did the English Civil War of Charles 1 end?

when the enemy (parlement) captured him and beheaded him

What is an enemy combatant?

What is an enemy combatant?a person who has information on the enemy that he or she will reveal for combat paya person captured by the enemy who refuses to submit to interrogationa person thought to be plotting against the United States with the enemya person captured while engaging in active warfare against the United States

What information does line 2 of the SITREP contain?

Enemy activities, casualties inflicted, and prisoners captured.

Why was Sacagawea captured when she was 12?

it just happened when she was 12, Around 12 Sacagawea was captured by an enemy tribe and sold to a french-canadian trapper who made her his wife.

What did Sacagawea do when she was a child?

she helped her mom with housework and chores.she loved doing that until she got captured by the enemy.

Does road runner get captured by is enemy?

The Road Runner was never caught by his nemesis Wile E. Coyote .

What us navy ship is in enemy hands and is still commissioned?

The USS Pueblo, captured by North Korea in 1968.

Can army men take captured enemy rifles and handguns home?

U.S. soldiers are not supposed to, but it does sometimes happen.

What are the rules of war about being captured out of uniform on battlefield?

Spies, enemy soldiers wearing no uniforms or friendly uniforms, irregulars, and other unlawful enemy combatants are entitled to summary execution on the battlefield.

Which line in the SIT-REP report contains a brief summary of enemy activity?

Line 2 of SITREP report contains a brief summary of enemy activity, casualties inflicted, and prisoners captured.

Why were the machine-gunner crew more likely to be killed by the enemy than the footsoldier if they were captured?

I think that the machine-gunner crews were more likely to be killed by the enemy than foot soldiers, if they were captured because of the simple fact that they thought they should bring it among themselves to kill them instead of capturing them because that would be even harder.

Why do you think that machine- gunner crews were more likely to be killed by the enemy than footsoldiers if they were captured?

They kill more soldiers

How did one become a slave in Africa?

Some were captured by slave traders. Some were sold into slavery by enemy tribes or their own relatives.

Why did Hitler kill himself in 1945 not earlier?

because suddenly he was not so powerful and found out he would be captured and didn't want that He realised that he was losing power and he would rather die than be captured or killed by the enemy

Why were the trenches in a zig-zag shape?

the trenches were zig zag to prevent the enemy firing along the whole trench if the captured a small part

What happens to ants when they are captured?

Queen ant of course not worker, soldier OR elite soldier. But anyway the ants already captured and killed by the enemy ant ( The one that you ask) for the queen and feed it. If human, they interested in queen ant in the flight season

What was trench warfare designed to do?

prevent you from getting shot, it was to protect land that you had moved across and prevent the enemy from moving towards captured towns/villages

What information did the enemy spies find out in England World War II?

None. All German spies were captured before they had a chance to start operating.

What was president Nixons invasion of Cambodia about?

He wanted COSVN either destroyed or captured. COSVN was the "Central Office of South Vietnam." An enemy headquarters in Cambodia.

Who was the American Taliban?

John Walker Lindh, referred to as the American Taliban, is an American citizen who was captured in 2001 as an enemy combatant in the US invasion of Afghanistan.

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