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What school in New Jersey can you attend for wedding or event planning?

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Allow me to recommend another route: Volunteer to help with one or more local wedding planners to learn the business. They get free help, you get both training and experience. Good luck!

he went to Lincoln school in wyckoff New Jersey

If you are planning to attend school to become a pharmacy technician you may be required to attend a class for it.

There are college programs all over the country that offer a program for wedding planning. Penn Foster Career School is one of the best schools for this career.

Sayreville War Memorial High School, in Sayreville New Jersey.

The Sheffield School offers a course in wedding and even planning. You can check them out at they are among the best with offering degrees in this department.

_ _ _ _ _ _will be absent from school from -- through the -- as we need to attend family event. He will complete all the work he misses when we return. Thank you. or _ _ _ _ _ _will be absent from school from -- through the -- as he/she will be attending a family wedding. He will complete all the work he misses when we return. Thank you. do not put attending for a wedding because not everyone will approve and it would be an inconveince for someone to purposley plan a wedding on a kids school day

Anne Hathaway attended " Millburn High School" in New Jersey. Research shows this!!

She did! She attended Millburn High School in Millburn New Jersey! There are records to prove it!

Andrew Bynum attended High School in Metuchen, New Jersey. I'm from Jersey myself actually and, he went to St. Joseph High School.

yes, it is. i attend that school and the teachers are nice, and strict at the same time. if your planning on going there than good for you!

A highly recommended medical school in New Jersey that you can attend is the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. They have eight schools at five campuses.

A high school diploma is enough to be a wedding planner. Obtaining a degree in business management, or event planning and management will help any wedding planner career.

There are actually no colleges that offer Wedding Planning as a major. You can, however, take online classes or a sort of vocational school for proper training.

went to Rancocas Valley Regional High School in Mount Holly Township, New Jersey

It depends on the high school you attend or are planning on attending.

People wishing to become a wedding planner can attend a certificate program or two year associates degree. Although school is offered it is not required to become a wedding planner.

The average high school GPA is approximately 3.2.

Mary Jo Kopechne attended Our Lady of the Valley High School in Orange, New Jersey.

Mount Saint Dominic, an all-girls Catholic school in Caldwell, New Jersey. She graduated in 1982.

You should go to your community college and get your AA. After that you should attend a university and study business and design. If you don't want to take all of that time, then you can find a technical school that offers event planning as one of their specialties.

the school he attend was a school he attend. I am trying to know what school he wanted attend you stupid computer

Judy Blume attended public school in Elizabeth, New Jersey. She graduated from Battin High School in 1956, but no information is found as to which elementary school she attended.

where did t.i. attend school at?

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