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As a child, Bon Jovi attended St. Joseph High School, in Metuchen, New Jersey, during his freshman and sophomore years.He later transferred to Sayreville War Memorial High School in Parlin, New Jersey.


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Jon Bon Jovi goes by Captain Kidd, and Johnny.

Go to Google and type in Bon Jovi's email address.

He barely graduated High School, so didn't go to college

Sayreville War Memorial High School in New Jersey

The song "Who Says You Can't Go Home" was written by Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora only. Jennifer Nettles just sang part of it.

No. There is no relation. They just did the duet of "Who Says You Can't Go Home?" together.

Sayreville War Memorial High School in New Jersey

'Who Says You Can't Go Home' had a country twist to it, as well as their album 'Lost Highway'

no, they just did a duet on the song "who Says you can't go home". Jon is very dedicated to his marriage with Dorethea and would never have an affair

It's not out of the ordinary. Jon Bon Jovi often goes wedding ringless. Maybe it didn't go with his outfit. Maybe it doesn't fit him that well. Maybe he just didn't want to risk losing it.

No, he actually barely graduated high school... so there was no way he could've gone to a law school!

Bon Jovi is a famous singer with pretty good songs. If you wanna hear him sing, he's on you tube please go to (bon jovi's not on it)

Contact Leslie Siebert or Chuck James at the Gersh Agency. 232 N. Canon Drive Beverly Hills CA 90210 USA Or, go to the link below. These are talent agents who handle affairs for Jon Bon Jovi, according to IMDb account information. They are extremely busy, and we have no idea if you will actually get through.

One can go to watch Bon Jovi music videos online, on sites like Youtube , Vimeo, Vevo, Dailymotion, Flickr and Break. One can also go to Bon Jovi's concerts for live music. the complete list of bon jovi roles; Jon Bon Jovi - Leading vocals/guitar (on certain songs) Richie Sambora - Lead Guitar/backing vocals David Bryan - Keyboard Tico Torres - Drums/Percussion Ya so i love them and would love to meet them in person or atleast go see a concert!!!!!!!! And im only 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 JBJ/RS!!!!!!!

Jon has build houses for people who don't have homes (see the music vid "Who Says You Can't Go Home) and Richie is part of the 'Care for Kelly' campaign.

Right after high school, he did not go to college.

Bon Jovi is a rock and roll band. In addition to the band's extreme success in the rock and roll arena, Bon Jovi became the first rock band ever to have a number one hit on the Billboard Country Chart with 'Who Says You Can't Go Home' in 2006.

Between 7 and 8, depending on the venue :)

For the most part, Bon Jovi writes and performs rock music. However, he has had a few hits that have crossed over to the country charts such as 'Who Says You Can't Go Home'.

No. Whitesnake sang the song "Here I Go Again".

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