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Matthew's Gospel indicates that Mary and Joseph were from Bethlehem in Judea. While returning from Egypt, they were warned in a dream to turn aside and go to Nazareth in Galilee, instead.

Luke's Gospel says that Mary and Joseph were from Nazareth in Galilee. They travelled to Bethlehem for a census, then returned to Nazareth.

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There is no scripture in the bible that tells what the innkeeper said to mary and Joseph

There is no scripture referrence to the death of Joseph. What we know is strictly based on tradition.

There is no scripture or tradition that tells us about Mary Magdalene's early life.

Nothing in scripture tells us about the demons that possessed Mary Magdalene.

Jesus' mother Mary, is not mentioned after His Resurrection. The 'Assumption' is from men and not Scripture.

They took one donkey for Mary to rest upon. .................................. There is no mention that Mary and Joseph had a donkey in any of the Gospels, or elsewhere in Scripture. One can assume that they walked, but the bottom line is that no one can be sure what their mode of travel might have been.

No, Mary was an only child. The 'sister' mentioned in scripture was her sister-in-law, Mary of Cleopas. Cleophas is thought to have been the brother of Saint Joseph.

Tradition tells us that Joseph had a peaceful and holy death with Jesus and Mary at his bedside.

There is nothing in scripture or tradition that confirms if St. Joseph had any siblings. Some believe that Cleophas, married to another Mary, may have been the brother of Joseph.

Tradition tells us that Joseph had a peaceful and happy death with Jesus and Mary at his bedside.

There is nothing in Scripture about Mary, the mother of Jesus and the devil.

To the best of our knowledge, Mary was the first wife of Joseph. If he had been previously married, there is nothing in either scripture nor tradition to confirm this.

No, as far as is known, Mary was an only child. The sister of Mary mentioned in scripture who stood at the cross with the Blessed Virgin and Mary Magdalene was Mary of Cleophas who was the brother of Saint Joseph making her the sister in law of the Virgin Mary.

There is nothing in scripture that tells us how Mary handled the situation but undoubtedly she had to tell her parents as her pregnancy could not have been kept secret forever.

Mary and Joseph were Jesus's parents.

Some sources state that Saint Cleophas may have been a brother of Joseph. He was married to the third Mary present at the crucifixion. That is the only known possible sibling of Joseph as there is nothing in scripture or tradition that provides the information,

Mary had only one child - Jesus. There are some references in scripture to 'brothers and sisters' of Our Lord but that refers to cousins and was a common expression at the time.

The geneology of Mary does not seem to be recorded in Scripture. We only know that she was the husband of Joseph and the mother of Jesus and his brothers, James, Joses, Juda and Simon; (Mark 6.3)

Mary gave birth to Jesus and Joseph married Mary.

Mary and Joseph were Jewish people, Joseph was a carpenter and Mary a housewife.

There is no mention of any siblings of Joseph in either scripture, apocryphal writings or tradition in the Catholic Church. However, some believe that Cleophas, the husband of the third Mary at the Crucifixion, was a brother of Joseph.

Joseph and Mary were the parents of Jesus of Nazareth.

In the Bible, Mary and Joseph were the choice parents of Jesus by God himself. Mary and Joseph were both Jewish.

Joseph Gibb has written: 'A scripture catechism'

God. Also Mary carried him in her womb. Joseph was the name of Mary's husband. I think Mary was from the tribe of Judah and Joseph from the tribe of Levi.The relatives of Jesus were, Joseph, Mary, John the baptist, Elizabeth, James , Jude and Salomi , who were his brothers and sisters according to the bible.